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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 247: No One Will Stand in the Way of Your Marriage

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Chapter 247: No One Will Stand in the Way of Your Marriage

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Mr. Xi also heaped upon the praises.

Even Mrs. Xi's attitude towards her had mellowed considerably.

However, she still found it difficult to humble herself and admit her previous prejudice. She added softly, "Xinghe, your design is indeed impressive. Well done."

The entire Xi family completely changed the way they treated Xinghe. They were all nice to her now.

However, Xinghe's expression remained unchanged, as collected as ever, further proof that she really wasn't there to suck up to the Xi's.

"Elder Xi, after you ensure there is no mistake with my design, I hope you will honor our verbal contract," Xinghe told Elder Xi.

The crowd was stunned.

Then, they remembered the only reason Xinghe even went through all these troubles was to fight for Lin Lin's custody.

Grandfather Xi promised her because he thought she wouldn't be able to keep her end of the bargain.

And even if she did, he would have a way to maneuver out of it.

Elder Xi laughed suddenly and suggested brazenly, "Xinghe, just call me Grandfather Xi from now on. Actually, instead of taking Lin Lin away, have you considered getting back together with Mubai? I assure you no one will stand in the way of the remarriage! You have my word!"

Mrs. Xi was startled but she knew it was not her place to say anything.

Xinghe had accomplished Grandfather Xi's lifelong wish. With such a great talent, there was no way any Xi could object to the remarriage.

In Xi Family, Grandfather Xi made all the decisions. Therefore, if one was able to endear him or herself to Grandfather Xi or his weakness, Old Madam Xi, then he or she could practically lord over the entire Xi Family.

Xinghe had done exactly that.

If Grandfather Xi allowed them to remarry, who would dare to object?

Furthermore, Xinghe had proven her worth. She was more than capable of bearing the Xi name.

But… what about Tianxin?

Mrs. Xi turned to look at Tianxin but the other woman had a blank expression, completely unreadable.

Mrs. Xi then turned to her son and realized he had been looking at Xinghe with utmost kindness and gentleness.

This son of hers had completely fallen this time.

Mrs. Xi couldn't help but think, Maybe it is not a bad idea for them to remarry if that is what he wants…

Everyone thought the same, well almost everyone.

Xinghe rejected him softly, "My focus now is to raise Lin Lin for a few years, I have no interest to pursue anything beyond that."

"But…" Elder Xi tried to convince her but was interrupted by Mubai.

"Grandfather, let's respect her decision. I also agree to have her take care of Lin Lin for a few years. A little independence away from the Xi Family might be good for him. After all, Xinghe's capability is now clear to all, I'm sure she'll take exceptional care of Lin Lin. There is no downside to this."

Mubai's deep support for Xinghe surprised everyone, even Xinghe herself…

She didn't expect him to respect her independence and ideals so much.

Her impression of Mubai became slightly better.

Since Mubai said so, Elder Xi didn't pursue the remarriage.

This grandson of his seemed to have a plan of his own. Maybe he was trying to win Xinghe back without the pressure of the Xi family…

Regardless, Elder Xi knew Mubai would not give up Lin Lin just like that, but based on what he was witnessing, it seemed like Mubai wasn't going to give up on Xinghe either.

Well, since the young'uns have plans of their own, an old bag of bones like myself better not meddle.

"Alright, after we make sure the arm is working soundly, you are free to take Lin Lin any time you wish," Elder Xi promised with a nod but not before leveling Mubai a threatening gaze.

Sonny, if you don't somehow fix this, I'm going to skin you alive!
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