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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 246: Death Incoming

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Chapter 246: Death Incoming

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The scabs that had formed over the wound from her childhood abandonment were torn open violently. Feelings of insignificance dragged Ruobing into a deep chasm.

She projected the self-hatred outwards and it latched onto an easy target, Xia Xinghe!

After all, it was Xinghe who stood in her way when she was one step away from glory and fame.

I deserve all the money and influence, love and admiration, I deserve it all! But why… why is it all being taken away from me? I was so close… Why‽

Of course… it's because of Xia Xinghe! That woman ruined everything the moment she appeared! This is all her fault! It was Xinghe who stood in the way of me getting what I deserve! Everything is her fault, it has to be!

With nothing else to lose, Ruobing lashed out at Xinghe, screaming like a wild woman, "Xia Xinghe, karma will eventually come for you for hurting me unjustly like this! Don't ever let your guard down because you'll die a horrible death soon enough! Hahaha, justice will be served sooner than you expect…"

"Shut her up!" an incensed Mubai firmly ordered.

For some reasons, he felt insulted even though Ruobing's tirade was directed at Xinghe. He lost his composure.

After hearing his order, the security instantly clamped their hands over Ruobing's mouth and dragged her away as she started to struggle again.

Xinghe was uncharacteristically shaken.

Ruobing's curses, and the despair in her eyes when she did so, unsettled her…

It reminded her too much of her incident with Wushuang at the hospital.

"Don't mind the words of people like her. I will make sure she disappears from City T and will never make an appearance in your life again," Mubai sensed the change in Xinghe's mood and consoled her kindly.

Xinghe turned to look at him and replied, "It's fine, I didn't really take it to heart."

However, for some reason, she could feel death staring at her…

At that moment, the door to the surgery hall burst open.

"The surgery's over!"

Everyone's attention was immediately drawn to the voice.

Elder Xi was the first to accost Lu Qi who strode out of it. "How's my wife's situation?"

Lu Qi replied with a smile, "Don't worry, Old Madam Xi is doing just fine now. The artificial arm has been successfully removed and she'll be good as new after a few days of rest at the hospital."

Elder Xi sighed in relief. "Thank God she is fine."

"However, Old Madam Xi is still unconscious. I suggest we give her time to rest. Truth be told, the accident this time was incredibly dangerous, if the explosion was a bit larger, it would have burnt the nervous system in Old Madam Xi's arms. Thankfully, the damage sustained was fairly minimal…" Lu Qi continued to explain.

The crowd's anger towards Ruobing was reignited.

She not only plagiarized other people's design but allowed them to use it with the knowledge that it might hurt her own adopted mother. There were no words to describe a person like her.

Thankfully, at the end of the day, the problem was identified and culprit dealt with.

Old Madam Xi was wheeled to the VIP sick bay and Xinghe's artificial arm was left at the hospital.

Elder Xi wanted to have some experts to take a good look at it to prevent the previous incident from happening. After making sure there was no problem, they would use her design.

Lu Qi was also briefed on the fact that the real creator of the perfected artificial human limb was Xinghe.

He was very interested in Xinghe's design and admired her capability.

"Who would have thought that Miss Xia was be so capable. Your design, I'm sure, will bring great happiness to many people. This is a great undertaking. Miss Xia, you are incredible," Lu Qi praised sincerely.

Elder Xi nodded in agreement. "Doctor Lu is right, Xinghe, you are indeed incredible. I would like to again extend my sincerest apology for doubting the design is not yours and your capability. You've truly impressed me this time."
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