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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 245: No Longer a Xi

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Chapter 245: No Longer a Xi

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"She has no heart because profit is all she sees! She could even sell out Old Madam Xi, who raised her, for the sake of achieving her personal gain. Of course she has no heart!"

"Pity Old Madam Xi who loved her so, she must be heart-broken being betrayed by her own adopted granddaughter…"

"We've raised a wolf to bite us on the backside!"

As Xinghe had expected, the Xi's were quick to turn on Ruobing.

Ruobing's betrayal of their trust lit up their anger like a match thrown into a pool of oil.

The belief they had in Ruobing from earlier converted directly into anger.

Other than that, the Xi's were a proud family so they would not suffer being played a fool.

Furthermore, Ruobing's actions had injured the matriarch of the family. That was unforgivable.

Almost in an instant, everyone channeled their fury at Ruobing.

Elder Xi was seething. "Yun Ruobing, you no longer qualify to have the Xi name. From this moment onwards, you are no longer part of the Xi Family and banned from entering Xi grounds!"

"Grandfather Xi is right, you don't deserve to bear the Xi name!"

"No…" Ruobing was mortified. She didn't expect things would be so bad.

Grandfather Xi disowned her.

"Grandfather Xi, I know I did wrong, please just forgive me this time!" Ruobing crumbled to the floor with fear and crawled to Elder Xi's side to beg him.

"Grandfather Xi, I really did not do this on purpose, I was too afraid that you'd chase me out if I didn't finish the design. I feared I'd no longer be valued. This was my only chance to repay Old Madam for her kindness. I know I made a mistake, please just forgive me this once, I swear I will not repeat it…"

To save herself from the fate of being kicked out, Ruobing begged and begged but the Xi family could be mighty heartless when they wanted to be.

If Ruobing didn't trick them from the beginning, they would have forgiven her.

It was incumbent upon her to admit her mistake when Xinghe confronted her about her plagiarism and warned that her product was faulty. The fact that she didn't said a lot about her personality.

She was someone who would sacrifice anyone for her own profit, even if that someone was the person who practically raised her.

Some people were deserving of forgiveness but definitely not people like her.

Grandfather Xi had seen through her ploy, he understood keeping her around would only be a lurking peril.

Grandfather Xi kicked her grabbing hands away and said, "It is already kindness on my part for not sending you to the police! I will not allow you to stay in the family! Security, toss her out!"

Two security guards rushed over to pull Ruobing off the ground and drag her away…

Ruobing struggled with all her might. "I'm not leaving, Grandfather Xi, please forgive me, I don't have anywhere else to go but here. Please, Grandfather Xi, don't chase me away! I want to stay!"

Elder Xi's face remained unmoved.

After the security guards dragged Ruobing for a distance, Ruobing finally gave up on her struggle.

She was pulled along limply, as if her body had gone offline. Her brain simply couldn't process the reality of what happened.

Minutes ago, she was high on top, success within her grasp.

Everyone showered her with praises and love…

She was valued and needed, she finally found a place where she was not only needed but wanted.

She was on top of the world.
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