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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 244: He Loves Her!

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Chapter 244: He Loves Her!

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There was nothing that could evade the erosion of time.

From the celestials in space to human relationships, friendship, love, everything would disintegrate with the passage of time…

However, Mubai had found an anomaly, a will that would not bend.

As long as Xinghe had a breath in her, her will would keep on shining like a mesmerizing pearl.

And just like a pearl, it was to be treasured. For Mubai, this was the most precious thing he had ever encountered in his life, the one thing he had been looking for…

Even though he knew Xinghe's inner will might not hold much regard for him, he was willing to spend the entirety of his life to protect it.

He had found his goal in life, which was to be her guardian.

He knew she didn't need it but it won't stop him from trying…

In Mubai's eyes, Xinghe was positively glowing; the others only saw a fraction of what Mubai saw. They were impressed by Xinghe's beauty that seemed to glow from within.

Even Mrs. Xi was impressed by Xinghe. A pang of regret cropped up in her heart. Maybe what she did back then was a mistake…

The brighter Xinghe shone, the deeper Tianxin's jealousy went.

The way Mubai looked at Xinghe was forever imprinted in her mind.

She saw a deep well of love in his eyes. She was certain of the fact that he loved her!

Not a puppy-love crush but one between soul mates!

This realization clawed at what remained of her sanity. Xia Xinghe had the one thing she yearned deeply for in her life.

Jealousy grew like briars and vines, covering Tianxin's already ugly heart.

Her inner demon was slowly reawakening…

A flash of psychopathic murderous intent flashed across her eyes as she glared fiendishly at Xinghe.

As if feeling the malicious gaze on her, Xinghe's eyes fell temporarily on Tianxin. She also ended her explanation then, "In conclusion, the problem is with the neural center. If you don't believe me, feel free to have someone check for the validity of my explanation. Of course, if you need further proof that the design is mine, I can go over the theoretical details of every single section of the design. Moreover, I have a more detailed design paper in my computer."

"That won't be necessary, I believe you!" Elder Xi announced firmly, "I believe the design is yours and I wish to apologize for not believing you earlier."

"Grandfather Xi—" Ruobing screamed in shock and fear, "How can you believe the outsider just like that? I didn't steal her design, I really didn't…"

"Enough!" Elder Xi cut her off rudely, he looked at Ruobing with bitter disappointment, "I believed you before because I considered you family; I won't let my judgement be clouded like that anymore! To be fair, I will give you a final chance to redeem yourself. If you can explain the theoretical basis behind each of the section of your design like Xinghe offered to do, then I will believe the design is yours!"

"…" Ruobing was silent because obviously she couldn't.

Her speechlessness was the perfect proof that the design wasn't hers.

Elder Xi lectured her vehemently, "So it is true. How could you lie to Old Madam Xi who practically raised you? Did you not consider the consequence before you threw her under the bus‽"

"This goes to show that we may know a person's exterior but not her heart!" The crowd rallied against her for toying with their trust in her.

"Why did you lie to us and mother? Have you no heart‽" Mrs. Xi questioned angrily. She still was a long way away from accepting Xinghe, but at the end of the day, she was still a Xi.

She couldn't forgive Ruobing for lying to them and causing Old Madam Xi to be injured.

Her husband was equally inflamed. "Yun Ruobing, mother has been nothing but nice to you and cared for you her whole life, so how can you practically use her as a test subject knowing fully well the design you stole was fake? You should have come clean when Xinghe warned us of its dangers! We truly sided with the wrong person!"
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