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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 243: A Will That Would Not Bend

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Chapter 243: A Will That Would Not Bend

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Ruobing was defenseless against the unrelenting interrogations.

That should come as no surprise since she wasn't the original creator to begin with…

She tried to pull an excuse out of thin air but she didn't even know where to begin.

"It's impossible for me to come up with a diagnosis now. You have to give me time to conduct more internal testing and analysis, but after I identify the problem, I assure it will not happen again, so please give me some more time…" Ruobing tried her best to explain.

Xinghe laughed out loud from behind her. "Give you a million years and you will not come up with the correct diagnosis."

"Xia Xinghe, stop trying to put the blame on me for this accident! It could have happened to anyone!" Ruobing screamed with anger.

"That's where you're wrong because this wouldn't have happened with my design because I know what went wrong and you don't."

Ruobing stared at her with utter disbelief and Xinghe's earlier words rang in her mind.

My capability is the best proof there is!

Ruobing finally understood what Xinghe meant by that.

If Xinghe could solve the problem that stumped her, it was the perfect proof that Xinghe was better than her.

If that was the case, Xinghe couldn't have stolen her design.

After all, it made no sense for her to steal from someone dumber than her.

My capability is the best proof there is!

The proclamation sounded once more in Ruobing's head and the ironclad nature of the argument weighed down on her…

For that moment, all of Ruobing's fear sniffed out of existence because it was overwhelmed by a burning jealousy! Jealous of Xinghe's natural talent.

"You know wherein the issue lies?" Elder Xi asked Xinghe.

"That's right," Xinghe nodded and replied confidently.

Elder Xi elaborated, "Okay, I will give you a chance to convince us. If you can do it, then I will believe the design is yours!'

Ruobing's eyelids twitched slightly…

She needed to stop Xinghe from speaking but… how?

Before she could come up with a solution, Xinghe blew her out of the water, "The problem lies with the arm's neural center. When I first started the design, I knew the neural center is going to be a problem because the structure, while intricate, is not durable. The mass of nerve impulses will overload the center very quickly. Although I really didn't expect it to explode, that is beyond my expectation. Of course, I also didn't expect someone would steal my design and claim it as her own. The reason my product took longer than Ruobing's to complete is because I needed more time to tweak the design of the neural center. The improved design is more durable and more compact…"

Even though Xinghe had kept her explanation as simple as possible, it still confused quite a number of people.

Regardless, it didn't stop others from believing the reality that the design was hers.

With a little post-surgery analysis, they would know whether she was lying or not.

And since Xinghe wasn't afraid to lay everything out in the open for them to double-check her words, it was more likely than not that the design really was hers.

This meant that Ruobing had stolen her design!

Compared to Ruobing's confidence which was layered with arrogance, Xinghe's natural confidence was more convincing.

She was doing a scientific explanation but, in that moment, she looked like a star on stage, dazzling everyone with her performance.

Some were even staring at her with gaping mouths.

Mubai's gaze was glued onto her; Xinghe's presence eclipsed every other one of his senses.

Others saw Xinghe's confidence and formidability but he saw the unbendable will in her, burning forever like a phoenix's fire.
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