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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 242: Burning Shame

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Chapter 242: Burning Shame

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Even Mrs. Xi was giving her the cold shoulder. "Well, Yun Ruobing, we're ready to hear your explanation. Why did this happen?"

"I, but I really don't know, everything should go just fine…" Ruobing stammered on, her body spoke of one emotion, despair.

"But how can you not know?" Mrs. Xi pressed.

"Of course she doesn't know what's wrong with the product, the design is not hers to begin with," Xinghe's clear voice cut through the crowd.

They turned towards her immediately—

She was walking their way in an unhurried manner, her confidence silencing the crowd.

Ruobing also looked her way and her eyes widened with comprehension.

She finally understood what went wrong. Xinghe had told them since the very beginning: the design was a fake!

That meant the arm she was holding had to be the real one!

Ruobing broke out in cold sweat knowing the truth was going to be revealed soon.

If she was feeling panicky before, now… she felt the sky was falling.

The only option she had left was to pray that Xinghe did not expose her.

But was that possible?

Xinghe's next sentence pierced her already weakened heart. "Didn't I say she stole my fake design? So it's only natural that her final product is faulty."

At that moment, the Xi's feelings were incredibly complicated.

Xinghe had warned them that the product was faulty but they chose to not believe her and accuse her of stealing the design that was originally hers.

With everything that had happened, almost all of them had seen the truth…

Their faces burned with shame.

After all, it was because of their decision to side with Ruobing that this tragedy happened!

"No, the design is mine, I didn't steal it!" Ruobing's defense tumbled out of her mouth. At this juncture, there was nothing else she could do but to stick to her original story, "Grandfather Xi, I swear the design is mine but I sincerely have no clue what went wrong. This is my careless mistake and I will improve on it; it will be better next time, I promise!"

"What a joke, you don't even know where your product went wrong, and yet you still had the courage to claim the design as yours," Xinghe laughed as she narrowed her eyes warningly at Ruobing.

"Even at a time like this, you still refuse to admit your mistake? If not for your greed and selfishness, Old Madame Xi could have avoided this tragedy completely. I'll have you know, her nervous system has been ruined by the contained explosion and that might cause her to be unable to get fitted with another artificial limb from now on!"


Ruobing's eyes swam with fear, freezing her entire body to the spot.

How could the side-effect be so serious?

"Yun Ruobing, take my advice, and admit your wrongdoing before things get worse!" Xinghe stared at her and said emotionlessly.

Ruobing snapped into focus and shook her head continuously. "I did nothing wrong, the design is mine; I didn't steal it. Xia Xinghe, I will not allow you to pin this on me!"

"If the design is as you said 'yours', then tell us, what exactly went wrong with it‽" Mubai suddenly added, "If you can't then the design is definitely not yours!"

Ruobing was cornered. Others followed Mubai's example.

"Mubai is right. If the design is yours, you have to know what went wrong with it."

"Yun Ruobing, we don't have all day to waste with you. Get on with it, tell us what exactly is the mistake. Or… have you lied to us and the design is really not yours?" Mrs. Xi questioned pointedly.
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