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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 235: My Capability Is the Best Proof

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Chapter 235: My Capability Is the Best Proof

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Befitting a telenovela plot, Xinghe counter-claimed that the design was hers and it was Ruobing who stole her design…

"Xia Xinghe, you are accusing me wrongly, where is your proof‽" Ruobing retorted angrily, "You say that I stole your design when the fact that is you stole mine! Or else how could you come up with such an impressive design hiding all this time at home? It is impossible without referencing the lab materials!"

"That's right. You have zero experience in this field, so how can you dare claim that the design in yours?" Mrs. Xi had zero belief in Xinghe. "I think you're here just to create chaos for everyone. Luckily, all of us here are clever enough to see through your baseless accusation."

"But this is my sister's design and the thief is Yun Ruobing," Xia Zhi argued.

Tianxin sneered. "Then, show us the proof. Xia Xinghe, if you can't produce the evidence, then Ruobing can sue you for theft of intelligence property."

Ruobing gladly piled on, "That's right, Xia Xinghe, can you produce the proof? If not, this can only mean that you stole my design! Give it up, everyone here believes the design is mine!"

"I believe the design is Xinghe's!" Mubai announced suddenly, surprising everyone.

His mother frowned and complained, "Mubai, why would you believe her? The reality is as plain as day, the design is obviously Ruobing's. If the design is really Xinghe's, why would she wait until after Ruobing finished the product to expose her? That's because she needed Ruobing to finish the prototypes so that she can steal it from her!"

Mubai explained matter-of-factly, "I believe Xinghe because I've seen what she is capable of. This kind of intricate design is way above Ruobing's level."

"That's impossible. This is Ruobing's field of expertise, and she had spent years studying this field, so the design has to be her breakthrough. In comparison, Xia Xinghe knows basically nothing, much less something as esoteric as medical computer science," Mrs. Xi voiced everyone's thoughts.

In their eyes, Ruobing was the leader of a science lab and Xinghe was a useless divorcee back to seduce her ex-husband.

It was obvious who was more believable.

Other than Mubai and a few others, no one believed Xinghe.

Even Elder Xi was not on her side. He stared gravely at Xinghe, asking, "Can you produce any proof to say that this is your design? If not, this is an imputation!"

"Father is right, produce the proof if you can," Mrs. Xi pressured.

"What kind of proof do you need?" Xinghe smiled confidently, saying, "When my capability is the best proof there is!"

"You must be joking, you are capable of nothing!" A random woman attached to Xi Family by marriage started laughing. This was the best joke she had heard all day.

Their impression of Xinghe was still stuck at the period when she was still married to Mubai, the walking shell.

So, it wasn't completely their fault that they didn't side with Xinghe. They hadn't seen what she was capable of.

"Indeed, why don't you show us what you're capable of?"

"I think something must be wrong with her brain…"

Almost everyone was ridiculing her.

Ruobing rested happily and comfortably in the knowledge that everyone was supporting her. Taking down Xia Xinghe was less of a challenge than she'd imagined.
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