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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 233: Xia Xinghe Is Finally Here

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Chapter 233: Xia Xinghe Is Finally Here

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Before Xinghe could answer, Xia Zhi chimed in eagerly, "Of course, we're heading to the hospital. Isn't that right, Sis‽"

Xinghe couldn't help but smile noticing their anticipated looks. "You're right, we shall leave for the hospital now. It's time to face-slap certain people!"

Xia Zhi and Luo Jun cheered.

Xia Zhi had many reasons to be happy for Xinghe, but for some reason, Luo Jun had also found himself in Xinghe's camp.

When they arrived at the hospital, they met with Chang An who had been waiting for them.

"Miss Xia, you're finally here. CEO Xi ordered me to wait for you at the entrance so thank God you're finally here!" Chang An exclaimed happily, secretly relieved.

Xinghe immediately got down to business, "Has the surgery started?"

"It's starting soon!"

"Take us there now."

"Right this way."

With Chang An leading the way, they soon reached the top floor.

By then Old Madam Xi had been wheeled into the surgery hall.

The team of doctors was scrubbing up. The rest of the family was waiting outside the operation hall.

Almost everyone was waiting for the surgery to commence, Ruobing being the most excited of all.

After the surgery was done, she would have everything she ever wanted, to fill the gaping maw in her heart that yearned for luxury, power, and the stability that they would bring since she was an abandoned orphan girl.

Her dreams were about to come true…

"It's almost time, we shall get the operation started. Everyone, do wait for our good news," Lu Qi informed them with a smile before leaving with his team of surgeons.

"Wait—" Mubai ordered suddenly. The room turned to him with a confused look.

"What are we waiting for?" Lu Qi asked.

"We can't start the operation yet," he said in a severe and determined tone.

"Why not?"

"Mubai, what exactly are you up to?" His grandfather frowned, bewildered.

As Mubai was about to answer, they heard a series of footsteps coming their way.

For some reasons, Mubai could discern Xinghe's footsteps among them easily.

Mubai turned and he could see that he was right because Xinghe was walking towards them.

His face involuntarily lit up with a smile as their eyes matched. He felt happy from just seeing her face but he had no clue why, perhaps he was just happy on her behalf.

Other people saw her too.

Ruobing widened her eyes in shock and a seed of anxiety grew in her heart.

What is Xia Xinghe doing here at a time like this?

This question was on everyone's mind.

Mrs. Xi saw her and frowned unhappily. "Xia Xinghe, what are you doing here?"

Xinghe sauntered over calmly and confidently. Facing their curious gaze, she smiled slightly and announced, "The reason I'm here is of course to give Old Madam Xi my artificial limb. I've finished constructing my design, so I hope I'm not too late."

What! She is here to give Old Madam Xi her artificial limb?

Mrs. Xi laughed in her face. "You are indeed too late! Ruobing has already created the best artificial limb so we no longer need yours. Furthermore, your designed product can't be better than Ruobing's anyway!"

"Is that so? How can Mrs. Xi be so certain of that fact if you haven't even seen my design before?"

"Ruobing's design is perfect, there can no improvement on it, all of us here agreed. So no matter how good yours is, it can't be better than hers!" Mrs. Xi said bluntly.
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