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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 229: Leader Yun, We Did it

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Chapter 229: Leader Yun, We Did it

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Luo Jun said anxiously, "Miss Xia, isn't it a bit too late for us to start our research now? Yun Ruobing has already completed her design."

Xinghe was unfazed. "That is her business. In any case, we will let our final product speak for itself."

"But I've seen Ruobing's design. Miss Xia, I hate to say it but you've not seen her design, it is…"

Luo Jun's words caught in his throat when Xinghe pulled up her design on the computer screen.

He stared at the screen wordlessly, his eyes as round as silver coins.

"This, this design…"

"Is the exact replica of that woman's?" Xia Zhi finished the thought in his mind.

Luo Jun nodded vehemently. "Indeed! It's the exact same! Miss Xia, why is your design the same as Ruobing's?"

"That's because that despicable woman stole my sister's design," Xia Zhi uttered with disdain, "She stole someone else's work and claimed it as hers, such a shameless woman!"

Luo Jun was awed beyond words. "Ruobing's design was actually stolen from Miss Xia?"

"That's right!"

There was admiration in Luo Jun's eyes. "Miss Xia, your work is incredibly impressive! No wonder Ruobing suddenly finished her research a few days after you arrived at the lab even though there had been zero progress in recent years. It all makes sense now. But why didn't you expose her? Her final product is almost ready, if you bring this up after the fact, others will only think…"

Xinghe didn't miss the implication. "I plagiarized her work?"


Xinghe gave a mysterious smile. "My work is not so easily plagiarized, she will face her comeuppance soon enough. Anyway, enough small talk, let's get to work."

Xinghe quickly gave Luo Jun his assignment.

The assignment came as another surprise for Luo Jun.

Xinghe wanted him to go get one of Ruobing's prototypes. She wanted to modify the prototype instead of starting anew.

Luo Jun thought he misheard her. "Miss Xia, what did you say? You want me to go ask Ruobing's team for one of their finished prototypes?"


"But those are their handiwork, claiming even just one as our own is still a bit…"

Xinghe understood his concern. She replied with a smile, "So what if those are their handiworks? The design's mine, they were only the labor. Since Ruobing poured so much effort into finishing my design, not using her prototype would only disappoint her, don't you agree? Go and demand one of the finished prototypes from them, if anyone stops you, tell them they'll have the right to reject when they have more than fifty percent of the lab's shares!"

Xinghe had the shareholder's power on her side so Luo Jun had no choice but to follow her order.

Needless to say, Ruobing almost fell off her chair when she heard Luo Jun's demand.

"How shameless can this Xia Xinghe get? These prototypes are my creations, why should I give her one? What, she doesn't have enough time to create one so she's coming after one of mine‽"

Luo Jun knew this would be Ruobing's response so he added calmly, "Miss Xia said the design is yours so she won't argue that fact, however, as the person who holds half the shares to this lab, she demands Leader Yun to hand over one of your finished prototypes."

"She can own the entire lab and I will not give her one of my scraps!"

"Leader Yun, it is ready—" Right at that moment, an engineer ran over and yelled excitedly, "Leader Yun, we did it! The final product - we have it and it is perfect! Leader Yun, we finally did it!"
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