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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 227: Success Within Reach

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Chapter 227: Success Within Reach

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Their lives would only truly begin after Xinghe's death.

There was no reason why they should sacrifice their own happiness just to keep Xinghe alive so Xia Xinghe had to die; there was no other choice!

Even the mild mental case, Yun Ruobing, thought so, much less the serious one…

However, Xinghe stayed home over the following few days, not giving them to chance to plot against her.

Of course, this meant she doesn't go to the lab as well.

It couldn't be said that Ruobing minded her absence. It gave her time to focus on finishing the artificial limb construction.

Ruobing put Xinghe out of her mind as she practically moved into the lab with her team of engineers to rush the construction.

During that process, Ruobing finally had a clear picture of how capable Xinghe was.

Xinghe's technique could be said to be futuristic. Her design was at least 50 years ahead of the present technology.

In modern society, a decade of difference in technology alone was astronomical much less five.

It went to show how crazy good Xinghe was.

It was only a matter of time before she would make the whole world bow down before her.

Riches, power, and influence awaited in her future.

Envy surged within Ruobing when her inferiority was so blatant. Jealousy clawed at her sanity and she slipped off the deep end.

She swore to personally take care of Xia Xinghe should Chu Tianxin fail to do so for her!

She needed to squash Xia Xinghe before she could gather her strength.

The patent to the artificial limb design would only be uncontested after killing the real creator.

This patent was Ruobing's key to a bright future. People had killed for far less. Case in point, her 'friend', Chu Tianxin was willing to kill for a chance at a man. Ruobing smiled at her simplicity and narrow-sightedness.

However, the pair of friends was more alike than Ruobing realized or was willing to admit.

Regardless, Ruobing knew she needed to focus on constructing the artificial limb. That was the most important task at hand.

With Ruobing's hasty prompts, the progress for the artificial limb was going swimmingly.

It was also thanks to the latest equipment available at the lab and the large number of employees Ruobing was given free reign over.

In reality, they had mastered much of the technology prior to Ruobing stealing the design. It was only a few key details that eluded their understanding.

With Xinghe's aid, the last few remaining gaps in their design were filled. They only needed to follow the instructions on the design and the product would be ready in a week!

With success so close to her grasp, Ruobing could barely contained her excitement.

Other than Mubai, the whole Xi Family was surfeited with joy waiting for the good news from Ruobing.

Grandfather Xi wore an ear-to-ear grin every day.

With the success of the artificial limb, he would be able to bury the hatchet with his ex-wife and they would return to their life of marital bliss.

The hospital was also ready. The moment the product was finished, they would help fit it to Old Madame Xi.

Ruobing's victory was, by all definition of the word, a surefire success.

However, it was at this moment that Xinghe arrived at the lab with Xia Zhi in tow.

Naturally, Ruobing had to go meet her, if only to shove her victory in Xinghe's face.

Her worry about Xinghe finishing the design before her had long disappeared.

Victory was definitely hers. She was missing a few finishing touches before the product would be sent to the hospital for Old Madame Xi.

No matter how capable Xinghe was, she couldn't possibly finish building the artificial limb in such a short amount of time.
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