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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 226: The Chilling Smirk

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Chapter 226: The Chilling Smirk

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She had found the perfect stooge to do her bidding.

It was why Ruobing purposely pushed Tianxin's buttons on the phone yesterday. She would attack Xinghe through Chu Tianxin.

Ruobing smiled smugly at the ingenuity of her plan.

Xia Xinghe, you might be extremely talented but what use is talent if you're dead!

Death will come for you soon enough.

The ingenuity of her plan lay in the fact that she would not implicate herself.

Other than Ruobing, no one knew that underneath Tianxin's kind and gracious behavior hid a vindictive and mentally unstable personality.

Ruobing believed this is because Tianxin was used to getting everything she wanted since she was young. If someone stood in the way of her target, she would lash out in ways that were often borderline insane.

Ruobing was revealed to this side of Tianxin many years ago. She still had shivers thinking about it.

At that time, they were all at schooling age. They had a classmate that had a crush on Mubai and the girl's family had close ties to the Xi's, so the girl had plenty of opportunities to get close to Mubai.

Tianxin befriended the girl to gain her trust.

During their class' camping trip, Tianxin finally carried out her devilish plan.

If not for the fact that Ruobing happened to wake up that night to use the toilet, she wouldn't have known Tianxin has such a twisted personality.

She saw Tianxin sneak to the girl's camping tent with a cage in tow. To her abject horror, the cage housed a poisonous viper which Tianxin later let loose in the girl's tent.

The girl screamed in absolute pain after the snake bit her, waking the whole camp up. To this day, Ruobing could still hear the scream reverberating in her ears.

While everyone rushed out of their respective tents, Tianxin sauntered calmly back to her own tent; a satisfied smirk on her face.

Shrouded by cover of the night, the smirk sent chills down Ruobing's spine. The whole scene extinguished Ruobing's interest in Mubai.

She was just an orphan then, there was no way she could compete with Tianxin.

Furthermore, losing her life over a man was definitely not worth it.

The camping site was miles away from the city so the girl died from the poison.

Tianxin lived her life like usual even after claiming a life, and she was only a teen then.

A teenage girl that could kill without even batting an eye…

Ruobing admitted that she wouldn't be able to go to such extreme but years had passed since then. She had felt out Tianxin's character, the girl was clever but also very objective-based; she could be easily manipulated. That was why Ruobing kept being Tianxin's friend, one reason was to keep a tab on Tianxin and another was to manipulate the narrow-sighted yet ruthless Tianxin should the need arise.

And now, the need had arisen.

A few, well-placed provocations and she could send Chu Tianxin on Xia Xinghe's tail.

Xinghe actually made it easier for her because the only thing Tianxin wanted in her life was Xi Mubai.

By reminding Tianxin of Xinghe's culpability in seducing Mubai would send her over the edge easily.

The demon residing within Tianxin had probably grown over the years.

Xinghe would have a worse ending than the girl at the camp. Ruobing smiled excitedly just thinking about that possibility. Initially, she didn't want to give Xinghe the death penalty, but Xinghe had one thing that flamed the fire of hatred within her, her incomparable talent.

Therefore, Xia Xinghe has to die! Only after your death will I have everything I deserve in life!

Due to a lack of self-consciousness, Ruobing didn't realize her mindset was starting to align with Tianxin's. She'd started to rationalize the death of Xinghe. After all, why shouldn't they remove the obstacle that stood in their way of getting the things they deserved in life?

Her mind made up, Ruobing walked away with a chilling smirk, like the one she saw so many years ago, plastered on her face…
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