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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 223: Given to Xia Xinghe

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Chapter 223: Given to Xia Xinghe

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"Go to the lab tomorrow. I assure you, no one will cause you trouble," He let go off her and instructed solemnly, "I will try to keep my distance for this period to not cause you any distractions but I really hope you will reconsider the thing… between us. Either way, I shall warn you that I will not give up easily."

Xinghe turned back to look at him. She saw a well of emotions in his eyes.

She hated seeing them there because she was very bad at handling complicated emotions…

That was her Achilles' heel.

Xinghe opted for avoidance. She left without saying another word.

Before she could take another step, she felt someone pull on her wrist. She turned around to toss Mubai a confused look. "Anything else?"

Mubai's gaze became normal. It was as if the confession didn't even happen.

He ordered, "Get in the car, I'll send you home."

"That's not necessary…"

He didn't give her the chance to reject him as he ushered her into his car. Xinghe was tired of resisting. She allowed him to toss her into the car. She didn't want to waste energy challenging him on frivolities like this.

Mubai hopped into the car after her and the fancy car soon left the restaurant…

Neither of them realized Tianxin was staring at them hidden in the corner of the restaurant building.

She stared dumbfounded at the car that was speeding away, her eyes filled with disbelief and terror.

Tianxin had been stalking Mubai, hoping that he'd be touched by her perseverance and take her back.

Instead, what she saw made something in her mind snap.

She was outside the window looking in when Mubai and Xinghe were having dinner.

And she was there again when both of them was tugging and pulling by the entrance.

Their every physical contact was a blow to her heart but the worst blow of all was the look in Mubai's eyes.

She saw his concern, love, desire, and care for Xinghe in them!

All the things that she pined for day and night but never got…

Now, he had selfishly given all of them to Xia Xinghe!

So many years of hard work and she didn't even get a look from Mubai. Xia Xinghe didn't even appear to try and yet she'd got Mubai falling head over heels for her.

But God, didn't you say he is mine…

Wait, this is a trial, isn't it‽ I know a reward as good as Mubai doesn't come easy so there has to be a trial!

Yes, it must be to smite the b*tch, Xia Xinghe. Yes, because everything was ruined by her reappearance!

She is a sinner for violating your ruling and sinners must be pursued by the hounds of hell! She has taken everything that belongs to me so I will have to remove her so that everything that is rightfully mine will return to me!

Envy accompanied the insane fervor that burned in Tianxin's eyes.

The trip back to Purple Jade Villas was spent in silence.

After leaving his car, Xinghe returned to her house quickly. Mubai waited until she disappeared into her house then he ordered his driver to leave.

His destination was not his house but the Xi family's old family mansion.

Mubai went there to inform his grandmother he was giving Xinghe fifty percent of the lab shares.

Old Madam Xi was understandably incensed. "Since when did you care about that vixen so much? Ruobing has finished the design, so your ex-wife's service is no longer needed. Why are you angering your grandmother over such a pointless matter?"

Ruobing who sat beside her was equally shocked.

She didn't expect Mubai to give Xia Xinghe fifty percent of the lab's shares!

He was giving her all the shares that were in his possession…

No one would be able to chase Xinghe if she had fifty percent of the lab's shares because she would own half of the place.

"Mubai, why are you doing this when the fact is I've finished the design? What's the point? With my completed design, she is not even needed at the lab anymore," Ruobing frowned and said.

Mubai leveled a warning glare at her before saying, "Finishing the design and constructing the product successfully are two different things. Since she hasn't lost, I will not withdraw my support for Xinghe."
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