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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 220: No Contact

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Chapter 220: No Contact

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There was no reproach in his question, if anything, Xinghe could hear layers of concern.

"You mean the thing where I was chased out of the lab?"

"Yes, didn't I tell you to come to me if anything happens?"

Obviously she didn't, because he heard this from someone else.

To his credit, he rushed back from his outstation meeting overseas the moment he heard wind of this.

He had business meetings planned for the rest of the week but he bought an immediate ticket and flew back, abandoning them all.

Xinghe admitted flatly, "I was just considering contacting you."

He happened to be faster than she imagined.

Mubai gave a wide grin and suddenly pulled on her arm, saying, "Come on, get in. We'll find some place more comfortable to talk this over."

Xinghe stood her ground. "This place is as good as any."

She tried to pull her arm back on reflex but that only made Mubai hold on to her tighter. "But I just came down from the plane. I haven't had anything since morning, so please let us discuss this over dinner."


Xinghe pulled her arm back with more force this time. She said calmly, "Even so, there's no need to get physical."

After that, she climbed into his car without making a fuss. Mubai smiled wordlessly, a bright smile that lit up his face.

After he got in, he asked Xinghe, "So, what type of cuisine are you in the mood for?"

"It's your dinner." Not mine.

"I don't mind, we'll have what you're in the mood for."

"I'm in the mood to get this over with, so let's skip dinner."

Mubai was silent before telling his driver, "Go to the nearest restaurant."

The nearest restaurant near the Purple Jade Villas was, unsurprisingly, an upmarket restaurant that specialized in western food.

Before long, they arrived.

This was the first time Xinghe had dined with Mubai alone.

Mubai considered it a date while Xinghe thought of it as a business meeting.

After they made their own, Xinghe went straight to the point, "You can get me back into the lab?"

Mubai posed his own question, "I heard Ruobing completed the design my grandmother is satisfied with."

"The design is mine, she stole it from me. However, the design she has is faulty," Xinghe revealed.

"Do you have the proof? Because you can sue."

Xinghe smiled mysteriously, "There's no need. She will trip on her mistake eventually."

That piqued Mubai's interest. "What do you mean? What's your plan?"

"It doesn't concern you. You haven't answered my question yet," Xinghe pulled him back to the reason why they were even sharing dinner at the restaurant.

Mubai confessed, "Grandmother has made her decree. Ruobing is to return to the lab. Even I can't do anything about that. Unless you pull out the evidence, she's staying."

"There's no evidence, at least none that they will believe. Since, you can't do anything about this either then I will go search for a new lab to complete the research. Enjoy your dinner, I'll be taking my leave," Xinghe concluded before standing up to leave.

Mubai's strong hands reached out to pull her…

Xinghe was taken aback by the sudden contact. She turned and looked coolly at him.

Mubai's eyes zeroed in on her. "The food's not even here yet. Why the hurry?"

"I came here to talk business with you, not to have dinner. Since the talk is over, naturally there's no reason for me to stay," Xinghe argued crisply and soundly.

She wasn't playing hard to get because she never had the interest to come for dinner with him in the first place.

For her, Mubai was nothing more than a business partner. Since there was no business left to discuss, there was no need for either one of them to overstay their welcome.

For some reason, Mubai felt used. He was kicked to the side because Xinghe was done with him…
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