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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 217: Don't Hit My Face!

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Chapter 217: Don't Hit My Face!

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The excitement overwhelmed everything else in her mind, even the anxiety and alarm.

The glory and success that were within her grasp blinded her to everything else…

Beside her, Tianxin was equally excited.

When she initially heard about Xinghe's promise to perfect the artificial human limb technology, she didn't believe Xinghe could possibly accomplish that but she couldn't help but be worried.

Worried that Xinghe could somehow make it happen.

If she did, Xi Family's impression of her would make a 180 turn.

Then Xinghe's plan of remarrying Mubai would be one step closer to completion because the Xi's wouldn't stand in her way anymore.

Thankfully, Ruobing came to her rescue. Now that Xinghe was chased out of the lab, her plan would come to a violent halt.

There was no way Xinghe could launch a comeback after losing such a valuable opportunity!

This gave her the opportunity to pursue Mubai, to pull him back to her side.

Tianxin gave a bright smile, realizing God had once more confirmed her suspicion.

Xia Xinghe was fated to struggle as a piece of trash at the bottom of human society and would never come close to threatening her!

It is God's decree! Xia Xinghe is a condemned woman! Of course, she is!

This means that Mubai is rightfully mine… Yes, because even God has decreed so… We are born to complete each other!

Xinghe slammed open the basement door and strode in with vengeance burning in her eyes.

Ee Chen, who was still working at the Xia Family basement, raised his head in alarm to meet her vindictive stare. In his eyes, she was like the Goddess Nemesis, coming for him to exact retribution.

Following behind were her two avenging angels, Xiao Mo and Xia Zhi!

Under such circumstance, Ee Chen did the unthinkable, he smiled. "Why the hate rays directed me? Looks like you guys aren't here to invite me to go for tea."

"You guessed right! How about another puzzle for you, guess what we're going to do to you next?" Xia Zhi challenged angrily.

Ee Chen scratched his chin making a grand gesture of him thinking before saying, "I hope not but my guess is you guys are going to beat me up?"

"Get him—" Xinghe ordered with finality the moment Ee Chen finished his sentence.

Xiao Mo and Xia Zhi immediately launched themselves at the hapless hacker!

Ee Chen raised his hands in defense, yelling, "Wait, wait, you guys are serious? I was just kidding!"

"Of course we're serious. A traitor like you deserves to be beaten to death!" Xia Zhi cursed as he lobbed another punch at Ee Chen.

Xiao Mo didn't say a word, focusing all his energy on his punches.

Ee Chen couldn't shield himself from the flurries of punches. He hugged his head and begged, "Hit anywhere you want but not the face!"

Xiao Mo and Xia Zhi showed perfect synergy as each pulled away one of Ee Chen's hands and punched him rightly on his face!

Ee Chen snapped, "Didn't I warn not to hit my face!"

Xiao Mo and Xia Zhi nodded at each other and each sent another punch at Ee Chen's face. Ee Chen looked like a bruised panda.

Ee Chen realized they weren't going to stop anytime soon and Xinghe didn't show any intention of stopping them. He quickly pleaded for mercy, "Stop the beating, I surrender, okay? Plus, I'm really not a traitor. You have to hear my explanation!"

"Ten seconds more." That was the second sentence Xinghe had said ever since she walked into the room.

Xiao Mo and Xia Zhi made use of this last opportunity to give Ee Chen the most memorable ten seconds of his life.

After they were done with him, Ee Chen slumped weakly to the floor, gasping for air.

The first thing he checked was his face.

Touching his face that was starting to bruise, he complained angrily, "Didn't I say to spare the face? How can the two of you be so cruel to ruin a face as handsome as this?"

Xia Zhi and Xiao Mo each tossed him a contemptuous look because both of them believed they were more handsome-looking than him.
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