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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 213: Outshone Her

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Chapter 213: Outshone Her

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Seated beside Mrs. Xi, Old Madam Xi looked like her sister instead of her elder.

In fact, she was even prettier than Mrs. Xi. The faded lines around her features helped accentuate their exquisiteness.

One could only imagine how gorgeous she must be when she was young.

The way she dressed also spoke of elegance and nobility.

A simple pattern-less blue shawl wrapped around her neck not only brought another layer of sophistication to her beauty but also cleverly hid her missing right arm.

If one didn't take a second closer look, one wouldn't know she was handicapped.

This was a woman who spent her life pursuing perfection and beauty!

After seeing her in person, Xinghe finally understood why the Xi family wasted so many resources trying to manufacture the perfect artificial limb. A woman like Old Madam Xi wouldn't allow the presence of malformation on her body.

She also understood why Grandfather Xi valued his first wife so much.

Her otherworldly beauty was meant to be cherished for a lifetime and more.

Xinghe finished evaluating the room the minute she entered.

Of course, the people in the studio were also staring her up and down.

There was maliciousness in the way Tianxin and Ruobing looked at her.

There were envy and jealousy in their eyes…

This observation stumped Xinghe. Tianxin was envious of her relationship to Mubai, but what about Ruobing?

What did she have that Ruobing was envious about?

"Don't just stand there. Come in and take a seat," Old Madam Xi opened her mouth to say.

Xinghe walked over calmly and sat herself opposite them.

"Why did Madam Xi call for me?" she asked directly, not interested in engaging them with perfunctory small talk.

Old Madam Xi put down her tea cup delicately and raised her eyes to study Xinghe. Xinghe saw clarity and a minute degree of condescension in them.

"I see the change they mention," Old Madam Xi observed lightly, "I've only seen your picture from before but you do look different from how you were back then."

The change was not in her physical appearance but her mannerism and the way she carried herself.

Xinghe was several years older than when she married Mubai but she was a lot more charming now. Perhaps it is as they say, intelligence is beauty.

The eyes were the window to one's soul. Before this, Xinghe's eyes were dark and lifeless but now, it was as if there was a sun shining behind them.

They exuded a natural confidence that attracted people's attention, some from admiration, others from envy.

For example, the more Tianxin stared at Xinghe, the more her envious hatred grew.

She couldn't help but acknowledge that Xinghe was a lot more captivating than the last time they met.

Ever since their meeting in front of the restaurant two months ago, she would notice some changes in Xinghe every time their paths crossed.

It pained her to admit it, but the change in Xinghe was undeniable.

The first time they met, Xinghe was nothing, simply walking trash, completely incomparable to her.

But now… she had become the lesser in comparison! She was brutally outclassed by Xinghe!

Tianxin felt seriously threatened.

She knew if this was allowed to continue, she wouldn't even be qualified to be Xinghe's competition anymore.

How was she going to fight for Mubai against such a powerful competitor? She had no chance!

Her inner insecurities and misgivings clawed at her. Tianxin prayed Xinghe would just keel over and die right there, right then.

She consoled herself with the fact that she hadn't completely lost yet. She still had a chance at pursuing Mubai because a great tragedy was going to befall Xia Xinghe that day!
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