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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 210: Project Galaxy

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Chapter 210: Project Galaxy

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Xinghe quickly moved to launch a counter-attack, minutes later the attack was neutralized.

In fact, Xinghe managed to trace the signal back to the person's computer and hacked their computer instead.

Perhaps the other party knew they were no match for her so they barely put up a fight.

Xinghe easily took full control of their computer. She switched on their webcam to take a look at the mysterious hacker. The face that appeared on screen was one even Xia Zhi was familiar with.

He had a handsome face and there were excitement glistening in his eyes when he greeted Xinghe and Xia Zhi with a toothy grin, "Hello there!"

Xia Zhi gasped in utter surprise. "Wait, you're ET‽"

Other than his sister, the figure that left the biggest impression during that year's Hacker Competition was ET.

"The name's Ee Chen, ET is just a code name," Ee Chen said, smiling. He kept bouncing in his seat as if he could barely contain the excitable energy cooped up within him.

"Why did you hack into my server?" Xinghe asked calmly.

She didn't expect the culprit to turn out to be him either but she hid her shock better than Xia Zhi.

"Because I want to say hi to you," Ee Chen replied matter-of-factly, "Do you know how hard it is to locate your IP address?"

"You can say hi to me at the lab."

"But certain topics can only be discussed in private. Plus, I miss the rush of competing with you…"

"What topic?" Xinghe cut straight to the point.

Ee Chen asked with apparent disappointment, "Aren't you curious why I would be at the lab?"

"Sis, he works at the lab too?" Xia Zhi asked in shock.

"That's right, buddy! Fate has it that Miss Xia and I will be colleagues from now on. I'm going to assign myself to be her personal assistant," Ee Chen announced happily, "Therefore, Miss Xia, you have to come to me if you need any help."

Xinghe stared at him coldly. "I will not work with random strangers."

"But the project that you're doing requires men and women with a good head on their shoulders. I hate to brag but I doubt you'll be able to find a third person that is better than me at the lab."

The second person being Xinghe herself.

"Regardless, that doesn't change my workplace philosophy. You are not needed," Xinghe rejected his offer flatly.

Ee Chen pouted like a disappointed child. "You have such low confidence in me?"

"Told you I don't work with strangers."

This Ee Chen's background was too mysterious.

First, he appeared as Chui Ming's underling and then now he was working at Xi Family's lab.

Xinghe couldn't help but be cautious of his motives.

Therefore, she had stayed away from him the whole time she was at the lab. She knew he is good with computers but she didn't trust the guy.

Ee Chen muttered helplessly, "But I'm not really a stranger… I just happen to love challenges, an adrenaline junkie in a way. Furthermore, it was Xi Mubai's idea that I end up working at the lab. He offered me a job after he witnessed my talent, I accepted. That's all."

So, he got Mubai's approval.

Xinghe's guard against Ee Chen slightly lowered. "Then, tell me, to what do I owe the pleasure of you purposely hacking into my server to set up this private meeting."

There had to be something more than him seeking a challenge.

He could have told her that at the lab and she would've just taken it as a compliment.

Ee Chen cupped the side of his face in his palm and said with a smile, "I really didn't expect you would be so cautious and sensitive. The reason I sought you out this way is because I want to ask you a question. I come bearing no ill intent."

"What question?" Xinghe asked, not knowing what he said next would shake her to her core.

Reigning in his excitement, Ee Chen looked at her seriously and asked with the obvious intention of feeling her out, "Have you heard of Project Galaxy 1 ?"
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