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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 201: This Is My Answer

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Chapter 201: This Is My Answer

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The pair's insults swayed some in the crowd over to the Xinghe's side. They felt indignant on Xinghe's behalf.

In all honesty, Xinghe herself was getting tired of the pair of clowns.

"You and you--" Xinghe suddenly pointed at the Dumb and Dumber Duo and commanded with authority, "After I pass the test, both of you get out of here with your ringleader, Yun Ruobing!"

What did she say‽

The two engineers were flushed with anger, they glared disbelievingly at Xinghe. "What did you say‽ How dare you make such a demand‽"

Even Ruobing roared furiously, "Xia Xinghe, it's one thing to come for me but how can you go after my two innocent colleagues!"

The crowd returned to their stance against Xinghe. After all, these were their colleagues Xinghe was coming after.

However, Xinghe wasn't afraid of angering the mob. She would not hesitate to remove obstacles that purposely stood in her way.

Being kind to your enemy is being cruel to yourself.

She took a step forward and turned to address the crowd. She asked with a calm demeanor, "You all think I've overstepped my bounds?"

"Isn't that obvious?" Ruobing chided.

Xinghe ignored her and continued in a straight-forward manner, "Mubai assigned me a post here and requested everyone to follow my lead for the next month. However, these three people are purposely making that difficult for me and not only that, are hell-bent on chasing me away. I have no clue what kind of plot they're nurturing, but I will not bear to see it go into fruition. At the end of this challenge, either Leader Yun or I will come up victorious. One of us will have undisputed claim over the happenings in this lab, if that person happens to be me, why can't I dispel the two additional troublemakers that I'm sure will sabotage my progress if given the chance?"

The crowd by silenced by her edict.

They didn't expect such eloquence from her.

Most were even swayed by her logic. They found it hard to be angry at her rather forceful behavior.

Ruobing though was seething with anger!

How dare Xia Xinghe belittle her in front of all her colleagues, she wished to give her a slap on the face.

"Xia Xinghe, stop with the petty distractions. Go ahead and solve the problems, prove to us with your actions and not words! If you can't, I'll have the guards throw you out right this moment!" Ruobing refused to continue this dance with Xinghe anymore. She threatened her furiously.

She swore it was time to take out the trash!

Of course, she would have to humiliate the b*tch for questioning her authority first!

Ruobing was nursing these thoughts when her eyes bulged out in surprise—

Xinghe picked up the chalk and started answering the questions!

Every scrawl on the blackboard was like a slap to her face, strong and swift.

Not only her, everyone was stunned by disbelief.

Especially the three professors…

Others probably couldn't figure out whether Xinghe's answer was correct or not but they could.

Her answers were… entirely correct!

There were no complicated workings or pauses to think, she just wrote down the answers like she had them all along…

Three advanced math problems, she took less than two minutes to finish!

When Xinghe turned around, the crowd was still in a state of stunned disbelief.

She put down the chalk and announced with the fervor of a judge, "This is my answer!"
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