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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 200: An Ugly Death!

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Chapter 200: An Ugly Death!

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Neither question was easy.

At that moment, the gazes that focused on Xinghe were laced with pity.

She was doomed to fail that day.

Hopefully, the challenges posed by the two professors weren't so harsh that they completely ruined her confidence. Unlike Ruobing, they didn't want to break her spirit.

Xinghe surprised them all by saying, "Next question please."

"Looks like she's throwing the handle after the blade," someone in the crowd observed knowingly.

The thought was echoed in everyone's mind. Since she couldn't answer any of the questions might as well have all of them written on the board.

Maybe the last professor would take pity on her and come up with a simple question…

To nobody's surprise, Professor Wong that showed the most impatience gave her a simple math problem to solve.

"Surely you must know this," Professor Wong said as he set the chalk down.

Ruobing took the opportunity to add, "Professor Wong, you're being too kind."

In other words, she was chiding him for being too charitable towards Xinghe!

Xinghe smiled slightly and said, "I appreciate Professor Wong's consideration, this question is indeed very simple."

Looks like she only knows how to answer this!

The crowd's disdain bore down on Xinghe. All of them knew the solution to this problem.

"But, for the sake of fairness, Professor Wong, please come up with a real question," Xinghe suddenly added, surprising everyone.

Did they mishear her? Why is she doing this?

Or could it be that she really was much more capable than they predicted?

Ruobing tutted disapprovingly, "Xia Xinghe, it is important to know one's limits. Professor Wong is looking out for you so that you don't get too humiliated, so you can drop the act. Getting one question correct is better than getting none, right?"

"You got the professors here because you want to give me the fairest challenge, didn't you? Since that's the case, there's no reason to do this with a half-effort!" Xinghe retorted plainly.

Ruobing smirked with anger. "You are one stubborn fool! Professor Wong, your consideration is not appreciated so you might want to rewrite your question."

Professor Wong's patience was already wearing thin.

Since Xinghe didn't deign to appreciate his kindness then… so be it.

He turned back to the blackboard to jot down an incredibly difficult question.

Everyone could see the annoyance radiating off Professor Wong.

The question he posed was even more difficult than the two before it!

It stumped everyone present. Probably even the two other professors would need some time before they could come up with the solution.

Xinghe was seeking death, and her death wouldn't be pretty!

"There you go, all three questions like you wanted. Come up and solve them. As the good book says, pride precedes destruction. Young lady, a little humility goes a long way. Do you seriously think mathematics is such an easy subject?" Professor Wong lectured Xinghe.

Ruobing derided her openly, "Xia Xinghe, as per your request, you have all three questions on the blackboard. Go ahead and impress us. But if you can't, I advise you to just pack up and leave, you've already wasted a lot of our precious time!"

"I bet she doesn't even know where to start," the taller engineer that had been following Ruobing mocked.

He and the other smaller engineer were like Ruobing's left and right hands, echoing her every word.

The smaller engineered concurred with a sneer, "She should have packed up and left when given the chance, and save herself the humiliation. But a conceited prick like her deserves to be taught a lesson!"
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