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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 199: All At Once

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Chapter 199: All At Once

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He turned to leave.

Professor Qian followed behind him. "Ditto."

Both of them didn't think Xinghe can solve that math problem.

They couldn't understand why Ruobing wanted to make such a fuss and called the three of them. She herself was more than qualified to come up with the test question.

"I too shall take my leave, come and get me when the problem's solved." Professor Chen moved to follow his colleagues.

Even the crowd started to disperse.

The moment the math question was written on the blackboard, they knew it was over.

There was nothing worth seeing about the image of Xinghe gawking at the blackboard.

She would probably stand there for a whole day without making any progress.

"That's it? Where's the other two?" Xinghe said suddenly when the crowd turned to leave.

Her voice had a clear quality to it so it cut through the cacophony in the crowded lab like a knife, sharp and bright.

Those who heard her stopped in their tracks.

Xinghe addressed Professor Wong and Professor Qian, "Each professor will pose one question, right? So, get on with it, I'll answer them at the same time."

What did she say?

She wants them to pose their questions all at once‽

"You know the solution to this problem?" Professor Wong pointed at the blackboard and asked.

Xinghe shrugged without providing a direct answer. "You'll know once all three questions are up there."

"I bet it's because she can't answer this question that she wants to try her luck with the other two. Professor Wong and Professor Qian, why not humor her? Who knows, she might happen to know one of them," Ruobing 'kindly' explained to the crowd.

Then, she 'kindly' explained to Xinghe, "However, that is not the rules of the challenge. You have to answer all three of them to pass the test. Of course, you have one whole day to solve them, so I guess… we'd better get comfortable."

"She'll probably stand there the whole day…" Someone in the crowd murmured.

"Or she might solve them all before our eyes," Someone else whispered.

The first person turned back in shock. "You believe her? Isn't this obvious, that's question none of us here could solve, much less her."

The mysterious man curved his lips into a smile. "Well, I hear she's scarily good at computer science. The two fields are related so her mathematics skill might surprise us."

"Still, that's a bit of a stretch…"

The man stopped replying but the confidence he had for Xinghe didn't dim.

At the same time, he was laughing internally at the crowd around him.

Bunch of short-sighted plebeians, can't even identify the talent that is right in front of them.

He couldn't wait to see their dumbfounded expression…

"Of course, I will solve all three of them." Xinghe nodded mildly. "So, give me all three questions at once, I'd hate to waste any more time."

"The pride of youth these days," Professor Qian huffed. "Fine, since you've asked for it, let's get this over with!"

He grabbed a chalk and started writing on the blackboard.

His question quickly covered the half of the blackboard!

When he dropped the chalk, the crowd was stunned…

The question was even more difficult than the previous one. There were even more confused looks in the crowd.

The number of people who could solve the math question dwindled significantly and even if they did know the solution, it would require a long time to work it out.

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