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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 192: I'm the Boss Here

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Chapter 192: I'm the Boss Here

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The air in the room froze with Xinghe's inquiry.

But the next moment…

The two men Ruobing brought along started laughing uncontrollably.

They were mocking Xinghe.

"What did she say? Comply with her orders? She wants us to follow her orders?"

"She really thinks all of us, Leader Yun included, need to follow her orders," The man then turned to Xinghe while laughing. "You must be crazy because everyone here must follow Leader Yun's orders and that includes you!"

Even Ruobing herself started chuckling, she questioned Xinghe patronizingly, "Don't tell me you seriously think you're the boss of this lab simply because Mubai assigned you here."

Xinghe replied matter-of-factly, "Of course, that was what he said."

Mubai literally told her that, she was free to use any and all resource there.

He even repeated himself saying that more than once.

Since he was being so generous, Xinghe saw no reason not to take him up on the offer.

Ruobing chuckled, her tone laced with unadulterated condescension. "You sure do think highly of yourself. Do you think you're still Xi Family's daughter-in-law? That ended three years ago when you opted for the divorce. No one in the Xi family considers you a part of them anymore so you better check yourself. Stop prancing around like you own the place! Now that you've violated the rules, you must suffer the consequences and get out. If you still shamelessly stay, I'll get the guards to throw you out!"

"Luo Jun—" Xinghe suddenly called at the door.

Luo Jun who was hesitating whether to enter, rushed into the room when he heard his name called.

"Miss Xia, how I can help you?" he enquired politely.

Xinghe said, "Tell them who I am and what role I have here."

"Yes!" Luo Jun turned to Ruobing and said truthfully, "Leader Yun, Miss Xia is here on CEO Xi's personal request and he specifically mentioned that Miss Xia will have total control over this lab throughout this period. Everyone has to obey her orders. Miss Xia is allowed free access to all resources and information. There will be no objection."

Ruobing's triumphant smile froze on her face. "What did you say‽"

The two male engineers were equally stunned.

Luo Jun repeated his words, adding for emphasis, "Those were the exact words CEO Xi told me."

"Impossible, I am the leader here!" Ruobing argued disbelievingly.

She knew Mubai arranged to have Xinghe work at the lab and asked them to lend her their cooperation.

She didn't know what he meant was to have all of them follow Xia Xinghe's orders.

Not only that, she would have access to their all their resources!

What was the meaning of all resources?

It included technical resources, funding resources and, of course, human resources.

She might be the leader of the lab but she was also part of the human resources. Therefore, Xinghe was allowed free reign on how to make use of her as well!

Luo Jun nodded, "Leader Yun, you're still the leader here but according to CEO Xi's decree, in the next month, Miss Xia will make all the rules here. If you have any questions, you can refer to CEO Xi."

Ruobing's face turned frighteningly ugly.

"Now, you understand?" Xinghe demanded regally, "I make all the rules now. Everything here belongs to me and I can use them as I see fit so tell me, how can I steal something that belongs to me‽"
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