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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 189: Simple and Direct

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Chapter 189: Simple and Direct

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But her indifference was, for Mubai, an advantage.

If Xinghe wasn't averse to his arrangement, at least it looked like she wasn't averse to his companionship.

Mubai's heart soared just thinking about it.

However, he cautioned himself to not overdo it.

He knew that he couldn't push himself onto Xinghe because Xinghe was no ordinary woman. If he angered her in anyway, the opportunity to get to know her, to get close to her, would be forever closed.

Inside the car, Mubai made sure to limit their topic of conversation to the artificial limb technology.

He didn't venture into anything else.

He did well on his part because at least Xinghe didn't jump out of his car.

Soon, they reached the laboratory building.

Mubai instructed her, "I have a meeting to attend so I won't be following you in. However, I've arranged for an engineer to wait for you. He's the vice-leader of the lab and his name is Luo Jun. If you have any needs, don't hesitate to tell him."

Xinghe nodded, her hands were on the car handle.

"Wait…" Mubai called after her, "If there's anything Luo Jun can't handle, come to me."

"Okay." Xinghe left his car without a goodbye. Luo Jun was already at the building entrance waiting for them.

He rushed outside to pay Mubai his respect and, after Mubai drove away, he kindly introduced himself to Xinghe.

"Miss Xia, nice to meet you, I'm Luo Jun. I will do my best to aid you in your project so if you have anything you need done, please order me to do it."

Luo Jun had a kind and approachable personality. Obviously, Mubai had specifically assigned him to her.

Xinghe nodded. "Lead the way."

"Please," Luo Jun said with a bow.

To fulfill Old Madame Xi's wish, the Xi family had burnt through a lot of money.

The lab building alone had five levels and each level housed at least ten individual laboratories.

Bustling inside them were scientists and engineers in white lab coats.

Many of them were the top of their fields.

The place was filled to the brim with medical devices…

All of the equipment scattered about the labs were the most cutting-edge products available in the world.

There was pride in Luo Jun's voice when he introduced this place to Xinghe, "The best mechanical artificial limb currently on the market is created here. If we can perfect the artificial human limb technology, Xi Empire's name will resound all over the world, grabbing all kinds of awards and accolades. Miss Xia, do you want to tour each of the five floors?"

"Not necessary," Xinghe rejected politely but firmly, then she ordered, "Bring me your lab's latest product and design. I need all the information you can gather. Now, show me to my lab and I will wait for you there."

Luo Jun was taken aback by the simple and direct way Xinghe handled things.

He was impressed by her authority and commanding presence.

Then again, of course the person whom CEO Xi personally instructed him to support couldn't be someone pedestrian.

Luo Jun performed his role as the host to the tee and quickly brought her to her lab, to prepare the things she ordered.

However, the most important design paper he couldn't acquire!

Luo Jun explained with difficulty, "All the design papers are under Leader Yun's care. She said the papers are all top-secret information so she can't give them away to anyone."

"Yun Ruobing?" Xinghe asked.

"Yes, it is Leader Yun Ruobing. This should be easy if Miss Xia knows her. I'm sure Leader Yun will hand over the design paper willingly when she finds out it is Miss Xia who made the request," Luo Jun concluded optimistically.

Xinghe replied, "I'm afraid it is because she knows it is me that she'll refuse to part with the papers."

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