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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 188: An Early Surprise (End of Patriarch Arc)

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Chapter 188: An Early Surprise (End of Patriarch Arc)

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In just a day, not only did she lose her right to marry him but also the hope of redeeming herself.

Tianxin couldn't have predicted so many things would happen in just one day.

Her astonishment and surprise were shared by many.

The broken engagement between Mubai and Tianxin aside, Xinghe even boasted she could create a perfect artificial human limb.

The task that the Xi Family had spent 20 twenty years trying to achieve but still with no results, she said she would finish it in a month.

Other than that, Mubai planned to remarry her as well!

Overnight, Xinghe slammed into everyone's heart like a stray asteroid.

No one could have thought the woman who left without causing even a ripple three years ago would reappear in such a grandiose manner.

She appeared at Xi Lin's birthday party with a high profile and now once again, dropping so many bombshells on Xi Family.

No matter if it was those who knew her or not, they watched her return with complicated feelings.

Of course, there were some that wished for her to complete a perfect comeback while others prayed for her to fail miserably.

Yun Ruobing was of the latter camp!

This was because it had to be her who pioneered the near perfect artificial technology. She wouldn't allow anyone to steal her thunder!

Therefore, Ruobing arrived at the lab early the next day, ready to 'welcome' Xinghe.

Early that day, Mubai's luxurious Rolls Royce appeared before Xinghe's house, obviously waiting for her.

When Xinghe exited her front door, she clocked him sitting in the back.

The rising sun shone on onyx the colored vehicles and its rays reflected in a fractal of shimmering lights.

Mubai, who wore an expensive suit, pierced her with a gaze that was even fierier than the sun.

When he saw her appear, he descended from his car, held the door and ushered her in with a dazzling half-smile. "Get in. I'll bring you to the lab."

Even his voice was full of magnetic masculinity.

Which woman wouldn't want their door to open to a handsome prince offering to escort you to work in his expensive car while flashing you his ten million watts smile?

The answer is none, because every woman would be touched by this early morning surprise and some might even promise to marry him on the spot… well, almost every woman.

Xinghe barely batted an eye. She was not at all impressed by Mubai's romantic gesture.

She asked with a curiosity that was barely there, "Didn't you say you'd have someone fetch me?"

"Well, that someone is me. It just so happens that your place is on my way to work, it's for convenience's sake," Mubai answered with a wicked smile.

And yes, the convenience happens to be an everyday convenience as well.

Well, it was her fault for choosing a residence so close to his house anyway.

The thought of having to share a ride to and from work every day with Xinghe made Mubai's heart do a celebratory cha cha.

Xinghe thought of that too and she instantly regretted her moving choice.

"Give me the lab's address. I can go on my own, I do not wish to trouble you," she said nonchalantly.

"It's no trouble. Come on, get in. Due to this mission, we'll be spending a lot of time in close contact, so you might as well get used to this," Mubai offered in an official tone but of course, his actual meaning was much more ambiguous.

Xinghe stared at him and Mubai held her gaze with his own that was burning with passion.

In the end, it was Xinghe who first moved her gaze away.

She relented and got into the car.

After all, if Mubai was willing to be her driver, she didn't mind one bit.

To be fair, she probably wouldn't mind whatever tricks he wanted to pull because he was that unimportant in her mind.

She was too lazy to argue with him about these frivolities. She just wanted to focus on finishing her plan.
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