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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 184: Sorry for Being Late

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Chapter 184: Sorry for Being Late

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She would live in constant torment if this physical scar of hers wasn't healed.

Therefore, she would not let go of any hope, no matter how small it might be.

Old Madam Xi ordered resolutely, "Let her try! If she manages to pull this off, tell her she can name anything and, if it's within my capability, I'll gladly grant it!"

Ruobing's heart skipped a beat. Restlessness troubled her heart at the appearance of a new threat.

However, she quickly calmed down.

This Xia Xinghe can't possibly pull it off!

It's ridiculous to think that this woman from nowhere can threaten my position.

She swore she would see Xinghe fail!

Old Madam Xi's reply reached the living room quickly.

It was as Xinghe expected. The matriarch of the house was willing to let her try and promised, if she was to succeed, she would be more than willing to honor her wish.

Grandfather Xi leveled Xinghe his sharp gaze. There was a threat hidden in his words, "Now that you've given her hope, you'd better not disappoint us or you'll never see your son again as long as you live, in fact, don't think you'll even be able to show yourself around City T again!"

Instead of worry, Xinghe felt relieved realizing how much Grandfather Xi cared for his ex-wife.

This observation told her that they would not go back on their promise.

Xinghe replied calmly, "Don't worry. I will never promise anything that I don't have confidence in completing."

"You'd better not!"

"Now, can I see my son? I wish to meet him before I start working."

Grandfather harrumphed but he still ordered the maid to bring Lin Lin over.

Xinghe held an expression that was as still as the surface of a lake during her confrontation with Grandfather Xi but she'd started to get apprehensive before meeting her son…

Her apprehension wasn't manifested physically but Mubai could feel her nerves.

He noticed her breathing had become more rapid than usual.

He looked at her deeply, his heart a bedlam of emotions.

There was even jealousy in there…

He was jealous of the attention his son could elicit from her, the love that she reserved solely for Lin Lin.

He laughed inwardly at the ludicrous thought. However, he promised he would work hard so that one day he too would be deserving of her attention and love…

Xi Lin was soon brought into the living room.

The little guy had on a buttoned-up shirt and checkered shorts. His good upbringing and polite mannerism, coupled with the outfit, lent him an appearance of a prince.

The cutest, handsomest prince there ever was.

The boy had Xinghe's dark and bright eyes as well as Mubai's aquiline nose and perfect composure, an amalgamation of his parent's best qualities.

He was the most beautiful boy Xinghe had ever seen.

Lin Lin could elicit adoration out of the most aloof of strangers much less his very own mother.

The moment Xinghe laid eyes on him, she realized she was willing to give up her entire life for him.

She had a deeper understanding of why Lin Lin was so valued by the entirety of Xi Family.

He was exquisitely precious.

No wonder Grandfather Xi's first reaction when she raised her request was rage.

However, she would not surrender because of this.

She had to alter Lin Lin's destiny.

Xinghe took unconscious steps towards her son while Lin Lin stared unblinkingly at her. His slight figure was like hers, rigid due to nervousness.

Xinghe stopped before him, got on her knees and looked in his pretty eyes. Her words were full of guilt, "Lin Lin, forgive Mommy for being so late."

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