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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 183: A Hail Mary

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Chapter 183: A Hail Mary

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"Then I shall prove it with my work," Xinghe replied confidently.

Grandfather Xi narrowed his perceptive gaze.

He had a knack for reading people. He could tell Xinghe wasn't bluffing but he still didn't believe she could possibly accomplish the mission.

Over the years, the Xi family had spent an uncountable amount of money to produce this technology but had failed; the odds were not in Xinghe's favor.

"Grandfather, why not let her try since we have nothing to lose," Mubai uttered beside her, "Furthermore, I believe in her!"

"You believe in her?" His grandfather was astonished.

There was no hesitation in Mubai's reply, "Definitely."

He wasn't lying to appease his grandfather. For some reasons, he believed in Xinghe unconditionally.

Since she had his grandson's vote of confidence, Grandfather Xi decided to give Xinghe a chance. He announced, "Fine! You can have a go at it, if you can manage this, I will honor your wish, but if you fail, you must willingly part ways with Lin Lin!"

"Then, it's settled. You have my word!" Xinghe accepted the challenge with aplomb. Her win the horse or lose the saddle courage impressed everyone present.

Grandfather Xi, for some reason, started to look forward to her success.

If the woman was successful, he would have her remarry into Xi Family, that way both Lin Lin and Xinghe would stay.

Mubai was harboring the same plan; he wanted to keep both his son and his son's mother.

Of course, Xinghe was clueless to their intention. However, she would just shrug it off even if she had known.

They couldn't force her into the remarriage if she refused!

The news that Xinghe was to create an artificial limb for Old Madam Xi soon reached Madam Xi's ears.

"What did you say?" Ruobing stared at the maid with bewilderment. "This Xia Xinghe said she can create the thing Old Madam needs?"

The maid nodded in response, "That's correct, that was what Miss Xia said. The Old Sir has agreed to give her a chance and so did the Young Master."

Ruobing chuckled sardonically. "Who does this Xia Xinghe think she is? This challenge is easier said than done."

"Miss Xia also mentioned she can produce the result in less than a month," the maid added.

This time Ruobing's smile froze on her face and she stared at the maid in total shock!

Even Old Madam Xi who sat beside them painting raised her eyes and commented, "This girl has such confidence?" Her tone was smooth without any obvious emotion.

"She does seem to possess incredible self-assurance," the maid answered respectfully.

"Old Madam, I'm sure this Xia Xinghe is just bluffing. She doesn't know the waters she has waded into. The unavailability of the technology aside, creating a perfect artificial limb in under a month is simply impossible." Her tone was full of distrust and condescension towards Xinghe.

It was not that she didn't want to trust Xinghe but over the past few decades, the Xi Family had burnt through plenty of resources to create a perfect human-emulated artificial limb but their efforts were all to no avail. All the supposed 'experts' had fallen to the wayside. Therefore, how could Xinghe, a woman who knows nothing, accomplish this incredible feat?

Furthermore, creating this technology required in-depth and esoteric computer and programming knowledge.

Needless to say, Old Madam Xi wasn't bearing much hope either.

However, her wish to regain her complete self hadn't been eroded by time, if anything, the passage of time only made her wish stronger.

This was the biggest desire in her heart.

If this wish couldn't be fulfilled before her death, she would probably be deprived of a peaceful death.

She glanced at her right arm that was missing and her eyes flashed with abhorrence.

This was the ugliest part of her body, the greatest pain in her heart.
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