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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 181: Marry Me

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Chapter 181: Marry Me

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Xinghe noticed his reticence and asked with a raised brow, "What's wrong? Did I misunderstand what you meant?"

Fine, I did mention something to that effect.

But the slip was only to help you win the argument… I didn't really mean it.

His grandfather also interrogated him, "You really agree for her to take away the child?"

"He did, you heard him, right?" Xinghe chimed in, taking advantage of Mubai's silence.

Xi Gang glared severely at her. "Don't speak if you're not asked. I'm only interested in his answer!"

"Didn't he already answer you? There is no other way to interpret what he said." Xinghe replied matter-of-factly.

"…" Mubai was at a loss for words.

The lengths she would go to mince my words. Isn't this a bit too much…?

"Well, tell me. Do you agree or not‽" Grandfather Xi had his gaze zeroed in on Mubai. It was as if the moment Mubai nodded, he would disown him as his grandson.

Xinghe too was staring at him with a pair of shining eyes…


So, this is how it feels to be stuck between a rock and a hard place.

But how did it end up like this‽ What did I do wrong?

"I'm asking you a question! Do you agree or not‽" Grandfather Xi repeated with added emphasis.

"I…" Mubai opened his mouth to say but before he would continue, he pulled Xinghe up and said, "Grandfather, I think we will go see Lin Lin first, it's not good to keep a child waiting. We will continue this conversation later."

Under Grandfather Xi's withering gaze, he dragged Xinghe out of the living room in a hurry.

He stopped and groused helplessly when they turned into the corridor, "Didn't I tell you not to mention the custody in front of Grandfather?"

"I didn't promise you I wouldn't." Xinghe struggled out of his grab and, in that moment, Mubai felt inexplicably disappointed.

He retracted the hand that still felt warm from her body heat and said, "But doing so would anger him. I don't think you can handle the consequences."

"What's the worst that can happen? Have me murdered?" Xinghe said with a shrug.

Mubai chuckled, "Of course, he wouldn't go that far, but he most likely will forbid you from seeing Lin Lin."

"Forbidding me to take him away, forbidding me to see him, really, what's the difference?" Xinghe sighed disconcertedly, lowering her eyes in distress.

She was going to die soon, if she couldn't change her son's fate before then, seeing him or not made no difference…

What she wanted was not to see him but to alter his destiny.

Mubai felt the sadness in Xinghe but he couldn't figure out why.

He asked in a gentle tone, "You want to take custody of the child so badly?"

"Yes," Xinghe answered without hesitation.

Mubai looked seriously at her for a heartbeat or two and he asked another question, "You mentioned you're willing to do anything for this purpose. Is that still true?"

Xinghe raised her eyes to look at him, "What do you have in mind?"

"Marry me," Mubai said unexpectedly, "Marry me again and the child will be yours, no one will be able to have a say against it."


"Didn't you say you're willing to do anything for Lin Lin? Is this an exception?"

"I'm willing to do anything and promise you anything as long as it is not this," Xinghe replied in a tone that was full of finality.

"Why not?" Mubai frowned, his heart strangely agitated, "Because you don't love me?"

No, it's not that. I married you once without loving you and I could definitely do it again.

The reason is because my intention has changed from laying claim to Lin Lin to temporarily taking him away from this death trap.

Even if I married you, I would still soon die and, after my death, you will eventually marry another woman.

According to my prophetic dream, Lin Lin will still be ignored and run away from home…
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