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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 177: She Didn't Care About Him

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Chapter 177: She Didn't Care About Him

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Xinghe nodded, she knew as much - which was why she waited for him.

She got into Mubai's car and they headed over to the Xi Family's old family mansion.

The old mansion belonged to Mubai's grandfather. The Xi Family's patriarch was still alive and Xinghe had met him once or twice.

But they had never exchanged words.

Mubai's grandfather was a stately man. Even at his old age, his presence could still stun people into inactivity.

The first time Xinghe met him was at her wedding to Mubai.

Naturally every single member of the Xi Family was present but no one dared to do anything out of place in his presence.

A girl accidentally interrupted her elder and he gave her a look so withering that it probably scarred her for life.

That was Xinghe's only impression of Mubai's grandfather; a man that was as impressive as a king.

And today, she would have to face him, the single person who held the highest power in the Xi Family!

Mubai also thought of the upcoming meeting and he reminded her, "My grandfather probably won't object to you seeing Lin Lin but do not mention the issue of custody or he will make sure you'll never see Lin Lin's face again."

"I don't even have the right to raise my own child… Don't you find that amusing?" Xinghe asked softly, her tone full of self-deprecation.

Mubai's expression turned serious and answered truthfully, "You can't control the fact that Lin Lin was born into the Xi Family."

"The greater fact is that Lin Lin is my son. One day, he'll be mine again. Just watch me," Xinghe said confidently.

Mubai didn't find her declaration pompous instead he raised his brows with interest. "Where does your confidence come from?"

"Every man and woman is the master of his or her own fate. I believe man could accomplish anything if he puts enough effort and desire behind it."

"Xia Xinghe, do you know I find this attitude of yours…" Mubai purposely paused before continuing with a smirk, "highly alluring?"

Xinghe didn't even blink.

She didn't care how he found her or what his opinion of her was.

Her expression had remained the same from when she was at the hotel to after she got into his car, one of indifference. He was like her driver, ferrying her to her destination, their relationship not going beyond that surface level.

It was not that she was arrogant.

It was more like he didn't occupy any space in her heart, not even an inch.

To her, he was a passer-by in her life, a pretty face that was not even worth remembering or caring about.

Mubai realized this and it was hard for him to not get affected by it.

He started to gain interest in her but she didn't reciprocate the feeling? He couldn't help but feel… rejected.

This was the first woman that could arouse his interest, but of course, she was more of a character than he was, she didn't even consider him a man worth paying attention to.

The thought made Mubai chuckle. He was greatly amused.

"So, everything that happened last night was done on purpose?" he asked suddenly.

Xinghe looked straight ahead and shrugged, "That's right."

He didn't specify what the thing was but she admitted freely.

"But why?" Since she didn't care about him, there was no reason for her to care who he married.

If that was the case, why lead him to break up his engagement?

In any case, Tianxin's argument that it was because Xinghe wanted to get back with him was definitely untrue.

So then… why?

"Tianxin is not qualified to be my son's stepmother," Xinghe suddenly came out with the truth.

Mubai grinned even harder. "Well, I've got to appreciate your honesty. But, if she's not qualified, who is? Eventually, I will have to remarry."

"Truthfully? No one."

"In other words, you think no one is good enough to be my wife?"

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The Patriach Arc is a short one to establish some romantic moments 177-188
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