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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 164: Fair Speech

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Chapter 164: Fair Speech

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"There was no fun, as you put it, between Mubai and I. We've known each other since we were young, the interest was always there. It was you who ruined our relationship! Mubai has never loved you, the person that belongs beside him has always been me. Don't be so jealous of our love that you decide to slander our name like this!"

Tianxin criticized Xinghe indignantly. Her tears fell like the waterfall.

She pulled on Mubai's arm and cried grievously. "Mubai, Xinghe is really too much. I don't want to see her now, let's go back in before she says anything worse."

Tianxin's pity act was truly Oscar-worthy.

His role as her fiancé should compel Mubai to follow her wish. Couldn't he see she was crying her heart out?

Therefore, Tianxin was confident, this time she would be able to pull Mubai over to her side.

Xinghe didn't say anything, she waited patiently for Mubai's reaction.

Her plan depended fully on his reaction.

If he really cared about Tianxin, no matter what she said that day would not be of any use. She would have to come up with another plan.

If not, she could take out Chu Tianxin that day itself!

As Tianxin stood on tip-toes waiting for Mubai's reaction, he opened his mouth and his words were targeted at Xinghe. "Xia Xinghe, there is nothing I hate more in the world than people who finish half of their sentence. You better explain yourself, what do you mean by me and Tianxin having fun during our marriage‽ You're not leaving this place until I'm satisfied with the explanation!"

"Mubai…" Tianxin stared at him dumbly, her face paled.

Xinghe laughed zealously. She shook off Mubai's grasp and said, "Fine, if you want me to spell it out for you, I will!"

"…" Tianxin got paler when Xinghe thought that was no longer possible. As Tianxin clambered to stop Xinghe from talking, Old Mrs. Xi charged into the scene like a ball of fire.

"Xia Xinghe, shut your mouth!" She glared at Xinghe and warned, "If you dare to ruin Tianxin's name, I will never forgive you! Mubai, follow me home, don't listen to this woman's nonsense!"

"Mubai, let's not anger Auntie anymore, okay?" Tianxin added in a hurry.

Mubai was not a simpleton. Time and again Tianxin and his mother had tried to stop Xinghe, it was obvious that they had something to hide.

Or did they think he was so easily fooled?

"Enough!" Mubai boomed, there was no warmth in his gaze. "I will give Xinghe the chance to explain herself. If you have not done anything wrong, why are you afraid of what she has to say?"

"Mubai, you don't understand…" Tianxin started weeping again.

Even Old Mrs. Xi was hurt. "Mubai, how can you talk to your own mother like that? You choose to trust an outsider and not your mom?"

"I will come to a decision after everyone says their piece! Until then, I'm going to hear what Xinghe has to say!" Mubai answered, he wasn't at all moved by their pleadings.

Old Mrs. Xi's gaze shuddered. She knew her son well. Once he set his mind on something, nothing could sway him.

Not even his own parents could persuade him otherwise.

Old Mrs. Xi had no other options so she turned to glare at Xinghe, warning her with a severe tone, "Fine, Xia Xinghe say your piece. I want to see how well you treat your elders!"

Old Mrs. Xi thought Xinghe would censor herself in deference to her seniority but…

Xinghe stopped at nothing!
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