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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 163: Having Fun Behind My Back

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Chapter 163: Having Fun Behind My Back

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"Whoever eats chili knows its spiciness."

Tianxin was provoked by Xinghe's insinuation, "Xia Xinghe, you no longer have anything to do with Mubai. Mubai and I are getting married soon, so please stop trying to sabotage our relationship!"

Xinghe sarcastically laughed, "I haven't even started sabotaging in earnest, and you're already complaining. It doesn't feel great being on the receiving end, does it?"

"Xia Xinghe, I know you've always been jealous of me to the point where you hate me but I have done nothing wrong by you. In fact, I've even treated Lin Lin like he's my real son. It is because of your incompatibility that you divorced Mubai. Regardless of what happened then, since the divorce is already a reality, can you please let go off everything and give everyone involved the possibility of moving forward, showing everyone and yourself kindness?" Tianxin begged with much pain, putting Xinghe under harsh light.

Furthermore, she purposely dropped Lin Lin's name into her case to let Xinghe know that her son would soon be under her care!

If Xinghe didn't want anything to happen to her bastard son, she better be clever about it!

Any woman would be cowed by this trick of hers. After all, the divorce was a done deal, for the sake of Lin Lin's future, Xinghe would be wise to bow down to Tianxin…


Xinghe planned to stop Tianxin from marrying Mubai in the first place!

She needed to remove any element that might pose a threat to Lin Lin!

Previously, she wouldn't have cared who Mubai married, but now she saw it as her personal business.

Tianxin could not marry Mubai. In fact, Xinghe would make sure Mubai remain single for as long as she was still alive.

Since she couldn't take Lin Lin away from the Xi Family then she had to make sure no harm would come to him, heartless stepmothers being one of them.

Viciousness entered Xinghe's eyes when she thought of these.

She glared pointedly at Tianxin and said, "You want to me show kindness… towards you? Ask yourself, have you even done that for me?"

"Mubai, look! She intended to sabotage us from the very beginning!" Tianxin appealed to Mubai.

The girl would not waste any opportunity to put herself in better light.

She used the same tricks years ago. She kept setting herself up as the bullied party, eventually creating the impression that Xinghe had it out for her. Xinghe was evil and loved nothing more than to bully her.

Combined with Xinghe's own taciturn and loner personality, everyone was bought into the belief that Xinghe was a crafty b*tch.

Old Mrs. Xi didn't like Xinghe since her marriage into the Xi Family, with Tianxin's contribution, her hatred towards Xinghe only increased over the years.

Finally, she agreed to Tianxin's plan, to help her chase Xinghe out of the house.

In the end, they got their wish…

Her divorce had less to do with Mubai and more to do with Xi Family. They were simply not a good fit for her.

However, it was good that Tianxin cooked up such a plan so many years ago because it finally came back to bite her in the butt now.

"I'm sabotaging your relationship?" Xinghe said snidely, "You guys were already having fun before the divorce was finalized, how could I possibly sabotage a relationship as strong as that?"

Tianxin's face blanched immediately!

Xinghe finally said it. Tianxin kept dropping hints and hidden threats to stop the b*tch from revealing this secret but she still said it!

Tianxin was beside herself with anxiety.

"Having fun?" Mubai's chilling voice suddenly rose beside them. He stared severely at Xinghe. "State it clearly, what do you mean by having fun‽"

"Xinghe, you've crossed the line, how can you slander our name like this‽" Tianxin cried woefully.
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