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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 161: Breeding Machine for Your Xi Family

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Chapter 161: Breeding Machine for Your Xi Family

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Mubai glanced meaningfully at her before turning to his mother and Tianxin. He announced clearly, "I've heard everything you said."


Tianxin widened her eyes in fear and shock. Her face paled considerable.

Even Old Mrs. Xi couldn't hide the trepidation in her eyes. She explained hurriedly, "Son, don't believe everything you heard. Xia Xinghe likes to twist her words around…"

"Mom, what exactly did the two of you do to force her out of this house?" Mubai asked directly before she could finish explaining herself.

"…" Old Mrs. Xi's face fell. "You don't believe your own mother?"

"How can I believe you?" Mubai retorted slowly. That silenced Old Mrs. Xi.

Her son was sometimes too clever for his own good. She knew she can't fool him anymore.

He had heard more than enough to come to a logical conclusion. There was no point for her to trick him with words. It wouldn't work.

Old Mrs. Xi was burning with anger and regret, this was all Xia Xinghe's fault!

If not for her, how could Mubai have known all these?

Tianxin came to take Old Mrs. Xi's hand and pleaded, "Mubai, how can you choose to believe Xia Xinghe and not us? Auntie is your own mother, how can you not believe her?"

Old Mrs. Xi showed him a sad face like Mubai had really treated them unjustly.

There was disappointment in his eyes.

He didn't expect his mother to have this facet to her personality, to treat Xinghe so wrongly.

Xinghe did nothing wrong. At the end of the day, she was Lin Lin's mother.

How could she treat her like that and even conspired with Tianxin to force her away.

So there were people pulling strings behind their divorce…

"Where is Lin Lin?" Mubai didn't go around in circles and go straight to the point.

Old Mrs. Xi answered after a sudden surprise, "He's with his great-grandfather. He said he miss his great-grandson so I have Lin Lin spend a few days with him."

Lin Lin had never been to Xi Family's old house on his own much less stay there overnight. It was obvious that this move was done on purpose.

"Mrs. Xi knows I'm coming over today so you have him sent away on purpose?" Xinghe asked suddenly.

Old Mrs. Xi turned her face down facing Xinghe. "What do you mean by on purpose? That's my grandson you're talking about, he can go wherever he likes! It has nothing to do with you!"

"I'm just here to visit my son…"

"And I've told you, you are no longer part of the Xi Family and we Xi Family will never acknowledge a woman like you as Lin Lin's mother!" Old Mrs. Xi wanted to say something more hurtful but Tianxin tugged on her sleeves lightly to remind her that Mubai was standing right there.

Xinghe smiled lightly. She looked at Mubai accusingly. "You said I can visit my son anytime I want but this is how your family fulfills that promise? I know I shouldn't have come today!"

Xinghe said angrily, turned and walked out the door.

Mubai felt his heart squeeze with guilt and he turned on his feet to chase after her.

"Mubai, you stand right there!" Old Mrs. Xi yelled but Mubai didn't even stop for a second.

Tianxin too ran out the door to go after them…

Xinghe walked furiously fast, she reached Xi Family's gate quickly. She was going into her car when Mubai grabbed hold of her arm.

"I'm serious with the offer," He explained patiently. For some reasons, he felt he owe her an explanation.

Xinghe raised her head and her expressionless eyes met his. "So what? Your family will always stand in the way when I want to visit my son. Xi Mubai, if you really want to know, all these years it was not that I didn't want to see my son but that I know I will not be able to see him even if I came. It is one thing for your family to chase me out, but who gave you people the right to take my son away from me? Am I nothing more than a breeding machine for you Xi Family‽"
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