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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 158: Want to See Her Grandson? Impossible!

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Chapter 158: Want to See Her Grandson? Impossible!

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Tianxin had on a dress five times more expensive than Xinghe's but the dress had more attention that she did.

When people looked at her, their attention would go to the dress and not the actual person in it!

Overall, Xinghe won.

Xinghe, who was all dressed up, even looked slightly more spirited than she did.

Seeing an abject woman with lesser family background than her looking better than she did, a rush of fire and envy surged through Tianxin!

Not only her, the moment Old Mrs. Xi laid her eyes on Xinghe, she almost lost control of her fury.

She didn't care about decorum and chided Xinghe vehemently, "What are you doing showing up at a time like this? What kind of place do you think the Xi Family house is? Do you think you can walk in anytime you like‽"

"Xinghe, you're indeed in the wrong this time," Tianxin seconded.

"I know I shouldn't have expected a woman from a broken family to show basic respect!" Old Mrs. Xi said pointedly.

The two of them took out their grievances on Xinghe but she was cool as a cucumber.

She replied calmly, "I apologize but does Mrs. Xi mind pointing out exactly what I did wrong?"

"You still have no idea what you did wrong? Do you think you can walk in the Xi Family house anytime you want‽" Old Mrs. Xi was already furious that she was made to wait a whole day for Xinghe to appear and now the woman still had no idea why she was scolding her? Old Mrs. Xi was ready to blow her fuse.

She suspected Xinghe purposely waited until dinnertime to make her appearance.

Xinghe blinked slightly. "I know Xi Family house is not somewhere I can walk in as I please so I did inform the security of my arrival yesterday."

"That means you can have us waiting for you a whole fine day?"

"Mrs. Xi has been waiting for me a whole day?" Xinghe said in surprised. Old Mrs. Xi coughed from the embarrassment.

How could she have let slipped that she had been waiting for Xinghe like an idiot for the whole morning and afternoon?

Xinghe wasn't at all apologetic. "I truly had no clue that Mrs. Xi had been waiting for me because I thought everyone would have known I would arrive in the evening since I was afraid people might be busy during the day. Lin Lin has school during the day too, right? So that's why I came in the evening."

Xinghe made a lot of sense in her argument, but Old Mrs. Xi was not going to let her off the hook so easily.

She scolded severely, "Then it's your fault for not specifying the time!"

Xinghe showed no signs of impatience even though she was continuously lampooned.

She even nodded to admit her mistake!

"Mrs. Xi is right. I do stand on the wrong on this particular issue. I should have stated my arrival time more clearly. I will not repeat the same mistake. Would Mrs. Xi kindly let me see my son now? After all, that is why I'm here today."

Old Mrs. Xi felt slightly better hearing her admit her mistake.

But to see her grandson? No way!

Old Mrs. Xi leaned back in the sofa arrogantly and lectured her, "Xia Xinghe, what kind of person do you take my grandson as? You left him for so many years without even a visit in between and now you want to see him just like that? Who do you think you are?"

"I am Xi Lin's biological mother," Xinghe answered directly. That should be more than enough.

Old Mrs. Xi heard the meaning in her words and was once more incensed. "What kind of mother leaves her child for years without a word to him‽"

"But isn't that what Mrs. Xi wanted?"
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