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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 145: Desire to Protect

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Chapter 145: Desire to Protect

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"Calm down, let me see…" After Lu Qi gave Xinghe a rudimentary inspection, he said, "She's burning up. I guess it's because the pent-up pressure was released all at once during her moment of weakness so it caused her to succumb to this sudden illness."

"You're right, my sister has been under an insurmountable amount of pressure lately." Xia Zhi nodded heavily.

Mubai didn't offer any comments. He merely looked deeply at Xinghe.

He had a basic grasp of Xinghe's transformation and her latest changes.

He even knew a thing or two about the events that unfolded the night before.

He found it difficult to imagine a physically weak woman like her could possess such impressive strength and intelligence that she was able to conquer all her enemies in one night.

Even though he lent her his aid but he fully believed she would be able to pull it off without his help.

He still found it hard to reconcile the two 'Xia Xinghe's that had appeared in his life.

He had never seen this impressive side of her…

However, at that moment, she was so vulnerable. She might have gotten a lot more competent but she was still a woman made of flesh and blood, prone to her moments of weakness.

For some reason, discovering this vulnerable side of Xinghe made Mubai cherish her even more…

Mubai still stood there after Lu Qi connected Xinghe to the IV drip.

Xia Zhi stared at him curiously. "Mr. Xi, why don't you go and rest? You're injured too, right?"

Mubai snapped back to reality and said lightly, "I'll be over next door. Come and get me if you need anything."

"Okay… Thank you for your help recently," Xia Zhi said somewhat awkwardly.

"You're welcome." Mubai looked at Xinghe one last time before leaving.

Lu Qi came to make his round not long after Mubai returned to his ward. Lu Qi checked Mubai's wound and announced, "You're welcome to go home and rest. Have the family doctor change your bandage every day and you'll be good as new."

"Ok," Mubai answered but he didn't show any intention of leaving.

He stayed on at the hospital, eventually moving his work there.

However, next door, Xinghe remained unconscious…

Lu Qi would come over to report Xinghe's condition to him. He merely nodded his head every time but he didn't stop Lu Qi from coming to keep him updated on Xinghe.

Finally, many days later, Xinghe's fever gradually improved.

However, she still suffered from night terrors, causing her to have restless sleeps.

For some reason, her brain kept replaying events that happened over the past twenty-five years.

Her childhood with her mom overseas.

The scenes where her mom taught her computer programming…

The accident that changed her life, and her marriage to Mubai…

The memories were cut into segments and flew across her mind.

She held onto one and it became clearer as others faded into the background.

It was from her childhood, the day when her mother left.

Xinghe, honey, mommy has to leave so you'll have to take care of yourself okay? Focus on your study and don't forget to practice on the computer so one day we'll meet again.

Mommy, where are you going? Xinghe asked anxiously.

Her mom smiled kindly, I'm going somewhere far away, some place where… only you can… reach me…

Mommy, what are you saying? A befuddled Xinghe questioned.

Her mother didn't answer as she disappeared into the night.

Mom, mommy- Xinghe searched high and low in the dark but her mother was not to be found. Finally, she tripped in her dream and woke up with a start before she was consumed by an enveloping darkness.
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