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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 137: It's Over!

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Chapter 137: It's Over!

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This time, the word pale could no longer be used to describe Wu Rong's face.

Her face was ashen, like dying embers.

There was no longer any backing propping her up.

If Xinghe could go into such details, the truth was truly out.

Everything's over!

Wu Rong's wrinkled face twitched slightly. Her mouth moved but no words came out.

Wushuang saw her mother's reaction and understanding dawned.

It was over for the both of them!

The mother and daughter stood stupefied. Their previous arrogance all gone, at this moment they were like pigs waiting for slaughter.

"Mom…" Wushuang grabbed her mother's arm and uttered in a breaking voice, "What… what should… we do now…"

So, this was what it felt like to have the world crumbling around oneself.

Wu Rong found it difficult to console her daughter because she too was at a loss. Even Black Three had sold them out, what else could they do?

Wu Rong stared aimlessly at Xinghe and challenged in a throaty and weak voice, "How did you find out about all this? You're lying, you can't possibly unearth all this…"

Xinghe smiled slightly, "Have you forgotten what I'm most proficient at?"

Information Technology…

As long as it was electronically recorded, with her capability, there was no information that she couldn't find.

That year Wu Rong and Black Three worked at a state-owned company, their information had to be registered into the system. Of course, the bribe she gave the doctor could be traced through the banking transactions…

Individually, these things were meaningless but when strung together, the reality would be as clear as day.

She really didn't expect Xia Xinghe to be that good at what she did!

"However, I'm curious. Since Xia Wushuang isn't Black Three's actual daughter, why the complicated ruse to trick him?" Xinghe asked purposely.

She was wearing a hidden camera that would not only record Wu Rong and Wushuang's reactions but also their voices.

It was directly connected to a feed cam inside the car where Black Three was kept.

By then, he had been fully convinced that Xia Wushuang was not his biological daughter!

Wu Rong cackled madly. Black Three had already double-crossed her so she was going to tell all.

With a twisted face, she said, "Because I planned to make use of him from the beginning! Only through this method would he listen to my orders obediently. You tell me, is there any other better way to cultivate loyalty in an assassin?"

Xinghe questioned angrily, "So your evil plan began ten years ago‽ Even then, you planned to murder my dad and me‽"

Wu Rong didn't feel the need to conceal anything anymore.

She stood up slowly and glared at Xinghe. She cackled like an unhinged woman. "That's right. Even before I'd been plotting to kill the both of you! But you - you lucky b*tch - escaped both attempts on your life! No matter, Xia Xinghe, I'll admit that you've beaten me but you'll never be the final victor because that person will be my daughter!"

Before the sentence was finished, Wu Rong swiped the paring knife on the table and dashed blade-first at Xinghe!

As long as Xinghe was dead, Xia Family's estate would still go to her daughter.

And Wushuang would escape unscathed because she was willing to bear all the crime!

With a do or die determination, Wu Rong stabbed fiercely at Xinghe. Xia Zhi who saw this in the car yelled, "Sis—"

He opened the door and leaped out of the car.

Xinghe was indeed surprised by Wu Rong's desperate assault. After narrowly escaping the knife's sharp edge, she grabbed hold of Wu Rong's wrist and twisted it roughly. The paring knife clattered to the floor following Wu Rong's scream.
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