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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 136: He Has Sold You Out

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Chapter 136: He Has Sold You Out

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Wu Rong hissed at Xinghe, "You b*tch, how dare you hurt my daughter!"

She climbed up with the support of a chair which she later picked up and swung at Xinghe.

Xinghe expertly avoided it and countered with another kick. Wu Rong crumbled to the floor and the chair in her hands landed heavily only a hair's breadth away from her head.

"Mom, are you alright‽" Wushuang crawled over and asked hurriedly.

Wu Rong pulled herself up with gritted teeth. "I'm fine! Wushuang, call the cops! The b*tch is trespassing and has assaulted us. Call the police and have her arrested!"

"Right…" Wushuang pulled out her cellphone and dialed the police number in a hurry.

This time it was Xinghe's who made the careless mistake. She was on the wrong side of the law. There was no way she was going to wiggle out of this one!

Even though Wushuang suffered some surface wounds, her heart was happy.

Because they finally had something concrete they could use against Xinghe…

"Calling the police to hand yourself in?" Xinghe commented sarcastically.

Wushuang's finger froze in mid-air and Wu Rong stared bewildered at her. "What do you mean by that‽"

Xinghe sauntered over slowly and chuckled coldly. "The meaning is simple. The fact that you've conspired to commit a mass murder has already been exposed."

Wushuang and Wu Rong stared at each other disbelievingly.

It has been exposed?

But how‽

The conclusive way Xinghe said those words didn't seem like she was bluffing.

However, Black Three wouldn't have ratted them out no matter what…

Wu Rong had confidence in that. She said challengingly, "What conspiracy in a mass murder‽ Xia Xinghe, that's a bloody lie! If you can't produce the evidence, I'll sue you for libel!"

"Right, b*tch, show us the evidence if you can!" Wushuang chimed in.

Their game plan was to deny their connection to everything and anything.

Xinghe smiled condescendingly. "You think I'd be here without evidence? Wu Rong, Black Three has told us everything. You were behind the accident years ago and you were behind the attempted murder tonight. He has sold you out."

"That's impossible…" Wu Rong's face turned pale immediately. She demurred with a shaking voice, "I don't know any Black One, Two, or Three, and I'm certainly not involved in his or her illegal dealings! Xia Xinghe, bring him here to confront me or I'll sue you to death and back!"

Wu Rong was certain that Black Three would not sell them out. He'd told her that personally.

He would die than let anything happen to his precious 'daughter'.

Therefore, Xinghe must be laying a trap for them.

I mustn't fall for it!

As if hearing her thoughts, Xinghe said, "You believe he would rather die than sell you out?"


"Too bad, he already knew the truth regarding the thing that you've been lying to him about. He knows Xia Wushuang is not his actual daughter!"

Wu Rong felt an explosion go off in her head. Her scattered thoughts were all over the place.

What did Xia Xinghe just said?

Black Three knows the truth?

But how…

This can't be true. How did he suddenly find out about it?

"No, I don't know what you're talking about. Xia Xinghe, you're spouting nonsense!" Wu Rong shook her head repeatedly but the truth was belied by the anxiety in her voice.

"Are you thinking about how he found out the truth? Let me help you answer that. I showed it to him. I pulled the record that showed you bribed the doctor to falsify his paternity test. We dropped by the doctor's home on the way here and Black Three used his ways to get the doctor's confirmation."
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