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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 132: Fallen into Xia Xinghe's Hands

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Chapter 132: Fallen into Xia Xinghe's Hands

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Xia Zhi asked the question that was on everyone's mind.

Logically speaking, wouldn't a knife be better for his purpose?

A baseball bat was more of a makeshift weapon…

Xinghe explained, "He wanted to kill us, yes, but it couldn't look like a premeditated homicide."

"What do you mean by that?" Xia Zhi questioned. How come he could never understand his sister's explanations?

Xinghe elaborated, "If we're found murdered, Chui Ming would naturally become the prime suspect. Therefore, our deaths must be arranged to look like an accident."

Finally, Xia Zhi understood. "You mean he planned to use the bat to knock us out and then create the false image that we'd perished in an accident?"

Xinghe nodded. "That's right."

By then, Xiao Mo had managed to find a lighter on Black Three's body. He frowned and speculated, "Looks like he intended to have us go by gas explosion."

"That's the only way all the evidence could be destroyed efficiently and quickly." Xinghe confirmed.

Xia Zhi shivered involuntarily. "What kind of person would come up with a devious plan like that? He planned to have all of us killed!"

"Miss Xia, shall we call the police?" One of the bodyguards asked.

They were under Mubai's command to protect Xinghe. Now that all the danger had been neutralized, they felt it was time to hand everything over to the law enforcement.

However, Xinghe had other plans in mind.

"Let's not involve the police just yet. Bring him down to the basement. Zhi, bring me a basin of water, our friend here needs to moisturize his face," Xinghe said with a cryptic smile.

This time Xia Zhi understood what she meant immediately. "Yes, madam!" he said, as he left with a spring in his steps.

A basin of water slapped Black Three right in his face.

The assassin grunted from the pain and his eyes fluttered open.

He blinked rapidly from the glare of the basement overhead lights.

One of the bodyguards straightened him roughly and warned, "Now your fate is in our hands so I suggest you better follow our orders and come clean or else I can't guarantee what will happen to you."

Black Three scanned his surrounding and reality settled in.

His plan had failed and he was at Xia Xinghe's mercy.

His face twitched violently, regretting his slip.

He glared viciously at Xinghe who sat across him and laughed. "You think you can force the information out of me? You b*tch, I'd advise you to forget it because I, Black Three, would rather die than tell you anything!"

Xiao Mo gave Black Three a harsh slap on his face. He warned menacingly, "Consider your situation before you speak any further!"

Even Xia Zhi jumped because he wasn't expecting Xiao Mo to have such a sudden and physical response.

But, he had to admit it was one hell of a good slap!

Black Three spun his bloodied face around and leveled an evil glare at Xiao Mo. He then issued a throaty, soul chilling laugh.

Xiao Mo was unaffected. He turned to Xinghe and asked, "Miss Xia, how about you let us teach him a lesson first to soften him up?"

"Sis, I support this!" Xia Zhi piped up. He was eager to teach this man, who'd attempted to take Xinghe's life twice, a lesson.

Xinghe agreed without hesitation. "Go ahead but be careful where you hit."

Xiao Mo replied with a baleful glint in his eyes, "Don't worry, we won't let him die on us so easily."

With that, he launched a barrage of punches and kicks at Black Three.

Xia Zhi joined in.

Both of them made sure the wounds were at places that weren't conspicuous and adroitly avoided Black Three's vital parts.
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