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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 130: Nightfall

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Chapter 130: Nightfall

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Night soon fell.

Perhaps to match the solemnity of the night, the sky was starless and heavy clouds eclipsed the moon.

The curtain of darkness smothered the people, suffocating them.

For some reasons, the residential area suddenly lost electricity.

Other than the few dim emergency street lights, the world was plunged into darkness.

The atmosphere was chillingly eerie as if the night could tell blood was going to be spilt.

There was not even a stray cat patrolling the sprawling residential area.

There were, however, several suspicious shadows heading towards the Xia Family's Villa…

They soundlessly broke down the villa's front door and snuck into the living room. They intended to go up the stairs to search for the building's inhabitants.

Suddenly the sound of a scratch rang out.

Someone lit a match…

The few spooked figures looked towards the weak source of light. The match was illuminating a slender hand and a lithe figure that was lounging on the sofa.

The light of the match was reflected in a pair of dark eyes that were staring right at them. There was no fear or surprise in the eyes, only vindication and austerity.

The sudden eye contact made the few shadows jump.

In that moment, they were assaulted by a deep sense of foreboding. Their plan appeared to have failed.

However, the leader among them, a man suddenly leaped towards Xinghe. He said no words but viciousness was flashing in his eyes.

Xinghe put out the match with a puff.

The sudden darkness gave the man a temporary daze.

Previously, he could roughly tell Xinghe's location but without any source of light, he was at a loss.

It was the same for his accomplices.

This brief moment of vulnerability gave the hiding men the opening they needed. A few large men wearing night-vision goggles leaped into action and took out the sneaking bunch in just minutes.

Xinghe pulled out another match and lit the candle in her hand.

Brandishing the candle, she walked towards the unconscious pile of men. There were three of them in total.

"Sis, they're all tied up!" Xia Zhi said excitedly as he stood up.

The few people had been securely tied up by Xia Zhi, Xiao Mo, and the four bodyguards Mubai sent over.

If they woke up now, they wouldn't be able to move.

Xinghe nodded satisfactorily. "Bring them away first lest they spook our next guest."


The three men were quickly stowed away. Xia Zhi and the gang went back into hiding.

Xinghe sat back down on the sofa. She left the lit candle on the table counter beside her. She then picked up a book and started flipping through it leisurely.

Sometime later, a pair of scary eyes was observing her from outside the window.

Realizing she still had the peace of mind to read by the candlelight, the person licked his lips satisfactorily.

Very soon, he was going to turn her leisure into the worst nightmare she'd ever had!

The door was, again, soundlessly opened. A tall, dark-skinned man who was wearing a baseball cap slithered across the villa's entrance.

His footsteps inaudibly landed on the floor but the moment he opened the door, a cold draft wafted in.

The candle fire flicked slightly.

Xinghe's eyes widened minutely and she asked without turning her head, "Zhi, is that you? Why are you home so late?"
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