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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 122: Get to Know Her Again

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Chapter 122: Get to Know Her Again

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"…" Mubai was at a loss for words. "You should take a look at it now because if there's any issues, we can discuss them now. Furthermore, I believe you're the one actually running the company."

Xinghe blinked. He was right.

Since there was time, they might as well do it now.

Xinghe sat back down and started to flip through the document slowly.

Mubai picked up a cup of tea and studied Xinghe closely through the cover of his cup. His feelings were complicated.

He didn't expect Xinghe to undergo such a drastic change.

It was akin to how those superheroes' family members felt when they learnt of his or her true identity.

And this happened with his ex-wife… Any man would be shocked beyond belief if they were put in his shoes.

Needless to say, Mubai received his fair share of shock, but he didn't regret having the divorce with Xinghe because this gave him the chance to get to know this whole new her…

Regarding the past, he shared the same sentiment as Xinghe, a dream that was not particularly memorable.

However, from this moment onwards, he would not ignore this woman anymore.

He wanted to get to know her again.

Mubai set his cup down and reminded kindly, "Take your time, you can ask me if there's anything bothering you."

Xinghe suddenly raised her head. "The profit of this partnership is spilt four-six?"

Mubai nodded. "That’s right. Of course, if you think that's too little, we can settle for five-five."

"No, seven-three."

Mubai blinked confusedly before asking, "Seven-three? You seven, I three?"

He though Xinghe was unsatisfied with how the profit ratio was split. To his surprise, she shook her head, saying, "No, I three, you seven."

Mubai was confused. "Why?"

This was the first time he saw someone willingly offer to take a worse deal.

"As a thank you for your help this time," Xinghe explained softly.

So that was why…

Mubai gazed deeper into Xinghe’s eyes, saying, "You don't need to thank me. You're Lin Lin's mom, I'm supposed to help you."

"That's not true. We're divorced. I have nothing to do with you. Therefore, you're under no obligation to help me."

This statement irked Mubai for some reasons.

But he was careful not let it show on his face. He continued naturally, "Then consider it my compensation to you. After all, you didn't take the alimony."

"Alright, then stick with the four-six ratio. Tomorrow, CEO Xiao will come and find you to sign the contract. I have something else to attend to, thank you for the meeting," Xinghe concluded crisply and stood up to leave.

Mubai asked, "You've finished reading the contract?"

"Yes." Xinghe replied without turning her head as she headed towards the exit. She refused to waste one more second there.

It was as if she treated business deals like gaming missions, take an objective, finish objective, and acquire next objective.

Social ettiquettes like post-meeting tea, small talk, or golfing trips were unessential to her.

Mubai couldn't help but wonder whether this woman even knewn the basics of doing business in Hwa Xia.

Mubai felt weirdly suffocated talking business with such a mechanical woman.

Obviously, Xinghe didn't think her way of doing business was in any way wrong.

As long as the parties involved were in agreement about the business deal then why waste time doing anything else?

On their way back home, Xia Zhi and Xiao Mo stared amazed at her when she said the partnership had been discussed and dealt with.
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