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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 121: Xi Mubai's Ex-Wife

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Chapter 121: Xi Mubai's Ex-Wife

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Actually, some of the people started to realize Xinghe looked suspiciously familiar but they just couldn't place her.

The name, Xia Xinghe sounded familiar as well.

Xia Zhi didn't conceal the truth from Junting. He answered simply, "Senior, she's my uncle's daughter so my cousin, but I treat her as my actual sister."

Junting was still confused. "How come I never heard you say you have a cousin that's impressively good at coding? Wait a minute… Does this mean that the books you borrowed from me are for her? The mini-game, that's her handiwork too?"

Xia Zhi nodded.

It was Junting's prediction that the computer expert Xia Zhi knew was no simple character, but the person's actual capability turned out to be beyond his prediction.

"You sneaky bastard, how could you hide such an impressive talent away from your senior?" Junting clubbed Xia Zhi’s arm jokingly.

Xia Zhi chuckled apologetically. "Sis likes to keep a low profile. She doesn't like people meddling in her business…"

"I've got it!" Suddenly, a cry issued from among the crowd. A senior CEO clawed to the front of the crowd excitedly, decrying, "I finally realized Miss Xia's true identity!"

"What is it?" Junting turned around to ask.

Excitement shone in the CEO's eyes as he announced, "I saw her at Young Master Xi's birthday party! No wonder she looks so familiar, she's CEO Xi's ex-wife!"


Junting and Xiao Mo widened their eyes in shock.

How can this be possible… Xia Xinghe is Xi Mubai's… ex-wife!

For some reason, the heart of these two men wrenched with complicated emotions.

In one break room, Xinghe and Mubai sat across the table facing each other.

Ever since Xinghe walked in, Mubai had been staring cordially at her. His thoughts and emotions were shielded behind his deep eyes.

After a silence that lasted for a minute long, Xinghe saw he still didn't have any intention of speaking so she said, "If you have nothing to say, I'm going to leave."

"Don't you have anything you want to tell me?" Mubai finally asked.

Xinghe looked him quizzically and replied, "What do you mean by that?"

"Explain your recent changes."

Nonplussed, Xinghe responded, "Why should I?"

She didn't owe him an explanation.

Mubai read her thought so he tried a different tact, "You've recovered your memory?"


"You were already a computer genius before all this?"


"I've truly underestimated you. I'm impressed." Mubai said seriously, his tone full of admiration. Praise where praise was due.

"I thought we were here to discuss the partnership." Xinghe wasn't there for small talk.

She treated their past together as a dream. She had woken up from it and was ready to let it go.

The Xinghe that had recovered her memory was a new Xinghe. She had no interest in catching up on old times with him.

Mubai's dark eyes glistened slightly and he smiled. "Right, then let's discuss the partnership…"

After he passed her a document, he explained, "Inside this are the basic clauses. Read them carefully and if you're okay with it, come to my company tomorrow to sign the contract."

Xinghe accepted the document, pocketed it without opening, and stood up to leave.

Mubai was puzzled. "Aren't you going to look at it? Where are you going?"

"I'm taking it back home to study closely. If I find no issue with it, CEO Xiao from my company will go to you to sign the contract tomorrow."
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