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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 120: You Have to Go Alone

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Chapter 120: You Have to Go Alone

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Each 'I, Chui Ming, have lost' was more severe than the preceding one.

It was as if he wasn't saying 'I, Chui Ming, have lost' but 'I will kill you, Xinghe'!

After the humiliating litany, Chui Ming launched a sudden kick at a nearby chair and the chair went flying into the air—


It landed with a heavy thud. Everyone could feel the anger radiating off of Chui Ming.

He glared intimidatingly at Xinghe before turning to leave with angry steps.

His murderous intent increased with each step.

He swore to kill Xia Xinghe and everyone related to her!

Everyone present was impressed by Chui Ming's murderous aura. They couldn't help but worry for Xinghe. Even though today she had won, would she be able to bear Chui Ming's coming rage?

They had no idea even if Xinghe didn't openly challenge Chui Ming, he would still plot for their demise.

Xinghe, on her part, was never afraid of him seeking revenge!

"Is it Miss Xia? Congratulations…" After Chui Ming left, someone quickly smoothed over the awkward atmosphere in the room.

Then, more came over to congratulate them.

This was because winning this competition meant a partnership with Xi Empire. Xi Empire had said a long time ago, they would only cooperate with winners of this Hacker Competition.

Chui Ming had lost his chance. X PC Manager written by Xinghe's team was so impressive that the partnership had to be theirs.

As everyone predicted, Chang An approached Xinghe and said, "Miss Xia, our CEO would like a word with you."

"Miss Xia, congratulations…" Xinghe was bombarded with well wishes.

Xinghe wasn't exactly a crowd person so she merely nodded with a smile as acknowledgement.

"Let's go," she told Xia Zhi and Xiao Mo. Overhearing her, Chang An interrupted, "Miss Xia, our CEO would like to talk to you alone. It's about the company partnership."

"Then you should talk to our company's legal representative, Mr. Xiao here," Xinghe said as she referred to Xiao Mo beside her.

Chang An replied politely, "We know, but our CEO gave special instruction that he wants to talk to you alone."

"Sis, what do you think Xi Mubai is up to?" Xia Zhi asked curiously.

Xiao Mo who had a better understanding of things explained, "Miss Xia, I believe CEO Xi has realized you're the real creator of X PC Manager. You might as well listen to what he has to say."

"Impossible, how can you let my sister go alone?" Xia Zhi objected out of habit. Xiao Mo was puzzled because Xinghe was more than capable of fending for herself, so why couldn't she go alone?

Xiao Mo wasn't privy to Xinghe and Mubai's relationship, so he naturally didn't understand what Xia Zhi meant.

Xinghe was indifferent to the arrangement. Mubai and she were divorced. She had let go of that particular part of her past. They were only acquaintances now.

Furthermore, they needed the partnership.

Xinghe nodded. "Fine, I'll go with you."

"Sis…" Xia Zhi furrowed his brows worriedly.

"It's okay." Xinghe consoled him. She gave him a hug before leaving with Chang An.

The moment Xinghe left, Junting quickly came over to greet Xia Zhi. Of course, that was only a front to find out more information about this mysterious Xia Xinghe.

"Zhi, tell your senior, what is your relationship to Miss Xia? How come I've never heard you tell me you have a sister that is so crazy good with computers?" Junting looked at Xia Zhi with a huge smile. The crowd around them leaned in closer waiting to hear Xia Zhi's answer.

They were morbidly curious about Xia Xinghe's real identity!
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