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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 118: First Place Is X PC Manager

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Chapter 118: First Place Is X PC Manager

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"We - Chui Corps - will never lose," Chui Ming said confidently, tooting his own horn.

Xinghe commented with a smirk, "Chui Ming, are you sure you want to brag about that, it'll only lead you to more humiliation later. Well, if you're so confident, do you dare to indulge me in a bet? If you lose, I want you to openly admit to this room of people that you, Chui Ming has lost."

Chui Ming coughed. It was not that he wasn't up to the challenge but the punishment Xinghe wrought was his soft spot.

Chui Ming viewed his face to be more important than his life.

He punished anyone that dared to make him lose face.

Therefore, the bet that Xinghe offered was worse than asking him to kill himself.

Even though he was sure he wouldn't lose but on the off-chance that he did…

Could he really do it in front of so many of his peers?

Xinghe agreed easily when he goaded her into accepting his side of the bet so it would be shame on his part if he appeared squeamish in accepting Xinghe's bet.

However, for some reason, he found it difficult to give his assent.

Of course, Xinghe wouldn't let him back out of it so easily.

"Well?" she challenged forcefully.

In a fit of anger, Chui Ming gave his consent.

"Good! Everyone heard it right? If I lose, I will kowtow to Chui Ming and beg him for forgiveness, but if he loses, he will yell out before this room of people three times 'I, Chui Ming, have lost' loudly. That's our deal right, Chui Ming?" Xinghe asked pointedly.

Chui Ming narrowed his eyes with lethal intent. "Yes, that's right."

"Then we shall await the test result." The moment Xinghe finished her words, the staff members from the testing committee appeared in the room.

"The results are here!" Someone yelled excitedly.

Almost instantly, everyone turned towards the staff who'd just walked in.

The committee's chairperson stepped forth and said, "Ladies and gentlemen, all the software submitted by the companies have been fully tested. I have the result in my hands, I'll announce it now."

The chairperson pulled out a remote, aimed it at the TV screen and clicked.

At that moment, the atmosphere in the room was the most nervous it had ever been!

Chui Ming was a bundle of nerves. He stared at the TV screen unblinkingly, his entire body tensed.

Xia Zhi and Xiao Mo felt their hearts stop from an overload of anxiety.

Even Junting held his breath waiting for the result…

The ranking finally appeared clearly on screen. Everyone could see it.

The first place was… X PC Manager!

The committee chairperson picked up the microphone and said, "Congratulations to the first place winner, X PC Manager."

"This is impossible!" Chui Ming rushed to the front of the crowd, his eyes glued to the screen. "Something is wrong! How can I be beaten by a newly written software!"

The chairperson wasn't privy to what happened earlier so he consoled Chui Ming kindly.

"CEO Chui, there's nothing wrong. Both of your products underwent the same test, being assaulted by 100 different strains of computer viruses. X PC Manager didn't fail once but yours failed five times. In other words, the security rate for X PC Manager is 100 percent while yours is 95 percent."

"Impossible! Something is wrong with the test, I demand a retrial!" Chui Ming's face gloomed over. He refused to accept this result.
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