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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 113: The Most Beautiful Thing in the World

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Chapter 113: The Most Beautiful Thing in the World

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Chui Ming heard the sarcasm in his words.

He scoffed, "The competition hasn't finished yet; first place is still up for grabs."

"Alright then, we shall wait and see," CEO Wang concluded happily. He was in a good mood because someone who could threaten Chui Ming had finally appeared.

But… could this woman really win?

Nobody could tell.

After all ET had performed some crazy feats too. Furthermore, Xinghe arrived so much later than he did. Even if she was better than ET, it would be an uphill battle to catch up.

However, why were they hoping for her to win?

Xinghe's victory equated to their loss but they were more than glad to see Xinghe's reversal.

It must be said that Chui Ming had truly failed as a human being. Everyone in the room was waiting to see him fail.

Chui Ming understood this and it added to the pressure on his shoulders.

This competition he couldn't lose, because if he did… it would be game over for him!

Yes, he couldn't lose!

Glaring at Xinghe, a murderous intent crossed his eyes. He waved for his assistant to lean in and he whispered some orders into his ear.

His assistant nodded and slipped out the hall without drawing anyone's notice.

King Kong Internet Security's third defense was indeed good and hard to break through but it was still nothing for Xinghe.

Her calm and collected demeanor spoke of a wealth of confidence and ease, so much so that it had influenced her opponent, ET.

ET was delighted to have found a worthy match, but he also started getting the jitters.

This was because he didn't expect X PC Manager's third wall to be so strong.

He leveled at it to the best of his abilities but it remained standing. He'd made zero progress in the last ten minutes.

On the other hand, his opponent had caught up to him.

Someone who could write such a good defense must have a great offense as well.

ET could sense it in his gut that the third defense for King Kong Internet Security was coming down soon.

But he refused to admit defeat. He would fight until the last remaining second!

Deep down though he couldn't help but admit he was fighting a losing battle…

It was not only him who felt that way. Everyone in the room could see Xinghe winning the competition!

Even Mubai had gotten slightly nervous for Xinghe's sake.

His long fingers tapped rhythmically on his knees, his eyes still glued onto Xinghe.

He realized the Xinghe before him then was more attractive, more remarkable than she was at Lin Lin's party.

During the party, Xinghe had on a million-dollar dress and the perfect make-up.

Now, her hair was pulled back into a simple ponytail and she wore the plainest of white T-shirt and no make-up. In fact, she was looking a bit pale and enervated.

Logically speaking, her previous appearance should be more alluring than her current appearance.

But, for some reason, the current Xinghe radiated a confidence that was intensely attention-grabbing.

Mubai stared, spellbound, at Xinghe like he was hypnotized…

He could even smell a hint of spring in the air.

Perhaps this was why they say spring is the season of romance. He felt hugged by the most serene of feelings that he closed his eyes satisfactorily with a smile.
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