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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 112: Impossible!

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Chapter 112: Impossible!

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The international competition had become a personal contest between Xinghe and ET.

The other hackers had fallen into the background.

All eyes were on the two of them, eager for the result.

Xia Zhi and Xiao Mo had stopped operating the computers. They stood behind Xinghe, watching her computer screen unblinkingly.

Two minutes in and Xinghe had taken down King Kong Internet Security's first wall of defense!

The audience burst into an uproar—

She only needed two minutes to break through the first wall!

The competition attracted hackers that were best of the best, but even the fastest among them took ten minutes to get past King Kong Internet Security's first line of defense.

However, she only used two minutes… It was unimaginable!

Xiao Mo and Xia Zhi gripped their fists excitedly.

If not for the fear of disturbing Xinghe, they would have openly cheered her on.

On the other side of the room, Chui Ming gritted his teeth in anger!

He didn't expect Xia Xinghe to be insanely good with a computer.

It had been only two minutes but Chui Ming could feel the weight of a calamity pressing down on him. He was breaking out in cold sweat.

This turn of events shocked everyone in the room.

CEO Wang almost yelled out at Xinghe, Well done, keep going!

On the other hand, the moment Junting finished his conversation with Mubai, Xinghe got past King Kong Internet Security's first layer of defense. He stared at her disbelievingly, saying, "I can't believe my eyes, she is as good as you said…"

Even though Mubai had predicted Xinghe could do as much but at that moment, he too was pleasantly surprised.

He leaned back down in his chair and gazed covetously at Xinghe. His mouth broke involuntarily into a charming smile.

Similarly, ET was gazing enthusiastically at Xinghe.

He knew she was something special when she walked in and she didn't disappoint.

The stronger his opponent, the more inflamed his fighting spirit. The speed at which his fingers flew over the keyboard increase, and it was the same for Xinghe

The whole venue was filled with sound of their fingers tapping crazily on the keyboard.

Like an orchestra, the increasing tempo tugged at everyone's nervous hearts until…


The news that Xinghe had cleared King Kong Internet Security's second line of defense appeared on the TV screen.

Four minutes…

This time she had used only four minutes to break down the second wall!

"Clang!" The cup that was on Chui Ming's table clattered to the floor.

"Oh my, CEO Chui, why so careless?" CEO Wang commented sardonically, "Could it be that CEO Chui was made flustered by the competition's latest development? What am I saying? Of course, someone like CEO Chui wouldn't be so easily affected."

"You think she can win‽" Chui Ming glared at CEO Wang threateningly, his sense of decorum all but tossed out of the window, adding, "Let me tell you, no one can beat my company, Chui Corps! She won't be able to get through the third defense, I swear my life on it! Plus, my company's hacker hasn't even shown his true capability yet."

CEO Wang smiled inwardly watching Chui Ming all flustered.

Because it meant that Chui Ming was nervous and afraid.

He replied smilingly, "Of course, CEO Chui is right. The hacker you employ truly is someone impressive and the third defense is indeed hard to get through. Well, just look how your hacker still hasn't been able to hack through X PC Manager's third defense."
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