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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 111: Fallen Into His Sight

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Chapter 111: Fallen Into His Sight

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His ex-wife didn't rouse his interest.

His current fiancé Chu Tianxin couldn't do it either.

Junting was certain no woman in this world would be able to do so.

Mubai's standard for woman was too high, she would have to be incredibly competent and superb to attract Mubai's attention.

Is there even such a woman in this world?

Alas, he felt clearly Mubai was showing an incredible amount of interest in that woman.

She… had fallen into his sight.

Junting was unable to make it to Lin Lin's birthday party so he was unable to recognize Xinghe.

Naturally, he couldn't understand why Mubai was rooting for Xinghe even though the latter hadn't even done anything yet.

Junting looked Xinghe's way. He had to admit, the woman had an attractive quality about her when she worked on the computer.

But she had a sickly pale about her. Her features weren't perfect, it was passable.

In other words, Xinghe, appearance-wise, was not that impressive.

If Mubai wasn't attracted to the woman's physical appearance, that meant he was interested in her… talent?

Junting chuckled at the absurdity of his hypothesis. He was all the more certain Mubai was going to die without knowing what love is.

It was not that Junting wasn't looking out for his friend but he simply couldn't imagine Mubai suddenly gaining interest in an unknown woman.

Furthermore, Mubai was already engaged. It would be highly inappropriate for him to show immense interest in someone other than his fiancé.

However, Junting had to concede the woman had a presence that demanded attention.

Junting asked with a hint of a smile, "Mubai, do you think she will win? But how does Xia Zhi know someone like her? After this, I need to pull him aside and ask."

"15 minutes," Mubai replied apropos to nothing.

Junting was confused. "What 15 minutes?"

Mubai smirked, "She will take less than 15 minutes to take down Chui Corps' King Kong Internet Security."

Junting's jaw dropped. "How is that possible‽"

He tried hacking King Kong Internet Security and it took him several hours to do it. The roomful of hackers was worse than him, it had been half an hour but none had managed to even make a dent on King Kong Internet Security.

So how could this woman crack it in 15 minutes?

Mubai added confidently, "If she is who I think she is, that is all the time she'll need."

Junting chuckled mirthlessly, "CEO Xi, you can't be fooled by her bravery, that doesn't translate into capability. Even though I also wish for her to win but she couldn't possibly do it within 15 minutes!"

"Well, care to make it interesting? Name your bet. I'm willing to bet anything."

Bet… anything?

Junting was shocked, Mubai was that confident in this woman?

Why else would he be willing to bet anything on her victory?

Junting looked once more at Xinghe, more seriously this time. For some reason, this time he could feel there was something extraordinary about this woman.

His inner voice told him that she would prove herself victorious and make a name for herself through this competition!

But… who was she? How come he hadn't heard of her before?

All the big-wigs in the room were equally curious about Xinghe's identity but they had something more immediate on their mind, which was whether she could win the competition.
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