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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 104: X PC Manager

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Chapter 104: X PC Manager

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Chang An was shocked.

She was going to… the Hacker Competition?

Back at the competition venue, the competition was going on smoothly.

All the CEOs and representatives from the participating companies were there.

An area was sequestered for the VIPs and VVIPs who would occasionally glance towards the competition floor to check out the situation.

Right opposite the VIP area was a giant TV screen.

On it were names of the different security software and the respective time taken by different hackers to hack through them. The very last column showed each of the software's time average.

The longer the time average, the better the software because it meant that the hackers needed more time to get through its defense.

By now, most of the software produced by smaller companies had been eliminated.

This happened every year, the first to go were sacrifices from these modest companies.

As Hwa Xia's most famous security software, everyone expected Chui Corps' product to survive until the end.

Chui Ming was beaming with confidence.

After all, it had been 30 minutes since the competition started. His product was still undefeated. All the other software had been hacked at least once… with the exception of one!

"CEO Chui, don't you think there are many hidden experts among this year's participating companies? The obvious increase in technology aside, look at that 'X PC Manager', it still hasn't been hacked yet, it could rival your King Kong Internet Security. Furthermore, I heard that this software was a creation from a brand new company. Maybe it is time for us old geezers to retire from this computer scene and hand it over to the youngster."

A senior CEO who sat beside Chui Ming sighed pointedly.

His hidden message was a new and unknown company could have your supposedly established software beat.

King Kong Internet Security had been dominating the sales chart for so long, so every single one of Chui Ming's competitors would love to sneak in a snide comment whenever the chance presented itself.

Chui Ming himself had noticed this 'X PC Manager'.

For some reasons, he had a feeling it had something to do with Xiao Mo.

Chui Ming scanned the crowd and his gaze eventually fell on Xiao Mo who was in the middle of the competition. His gaze turned sharp and frigid.

"CEO Wang, while it is true that our juniors are quite talented, it doesn't mean that our established position can be so easily toppled. You might fear them but we, at Chui Corps, don't mind them one bit," Chui Ming offered as a retort.

CEO Wong took the verbal hit like a champ and said, "Does this mean CEO Chui has absolute certainty that his product is unbeatable?"

Chui Ming's overbearing pride was a known fact within the community, plus he was truly confident with his own product.

Chui Ming knew CEO Wong was being facetious but he still answered arrogantly, "Of course!"

"Then, I would like to first congratulate CEO Chui. After CEO Chui wins the first prize, remember to treat the rest of us to a meal," CEO Wong said candidly.

"What meal?" The few other CEO who overheard their conversation asked curiously.

CEO Wong turned to explain. Of course, he didn't forget to sneak in a few compliments about King Kong Internet Security.

The other CEOs were internally envious of Chui Ming but they too chimed in with the praises. It was as if Chui Corps had already won the competition.

Chui Ming took the compliments to heart.

After all, he wouldn't settle for anything less than first place!

But… the software called 'X PC Manager' did plant a single seed of unease in his heart.
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