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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 102: Freedom

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Chapter 102: Freedom

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"Xia Xinghe, if you want to die, fine, I'll make sure your wish is expediently delivered! What are you people doing, standing there doing nothing, arrest this b*tch!" Wushuang glared unsatisfactorily at the chief constable.

She thought they still had the handle of things.

The chief rolled his eyes at the woman's denseness, couldn't she tell that the winds were shifting?

He replied calmly, "Mrs. Chui, I'm here to inform you that Ms. Xia has received bail. We will investigate further regarding her allegedly libelous statement but as of now, Ms. Xia Xinghe is a free woman."

Wushuang's face fell. "What did you say?"

The chief repeated himself and added by way of explanation, "Mr. Xi Mubai had paid for Ms. Xia's bail so she is now free to go."

Wushuang and Wu Rong stared at each other in shock.

Xi Mubai paid for Xia Xinghe's bail‽

They had been divorced for years and had no contact ever since, why would he suddenly help her?

There must be a mistake.

"That's impossible! Even so, she is not leaving here today. She ruined our reputation costing Chui Corps serious damage and everyone here saw she attacked me so I'm also suing her for injury with malicious intent! If you don't arrest her, I will sue the police for incompetence!" Wushuang said menacingly.

No matter who came that day, she was going to make the b*tch pay!

"That's perfect because we're suing you and your mother for injury with malicious intent as well!" Lawyer Kim stepped forward and announced officially, "We saw how all of you in the room have ganged up on Miss Xia when we came in. After we have her injury checked, we will press the charges accordingly, none of you here are getting away scot-free. By the way, from this moment onwards, Miss Xia Xinghe is my client, so please refer to me if you have anything to say against my client. You can call me Mr. or Lawyer Kim, nice to make your acquaintance."

When he saw Lawyer Kim, Lawyer Zhang that Wushuang brought wanted to excuse himself.

Lawyer Kim was Hwa Xia's best lawyer, he hadn't lost a case before.

Furthermore, Lawyer Kim had a good reputation within the business. Going up against him was pretty much a career suicide move.

Lawyer Zhang felt regret gnawing at his heart.

He picked this case because he was sure he was going to win. It was easy money. Xia Xinghe was too poor to hire a good lawyer. However, fortune was obviously not on his side.

Now that Xia Xinghe had Lawyer Kim representing her, there was no way they were going to win.

Of course, Wushuang and Wu Rong didn't know all this.

Wu Rong said angrily, "Who are you to sue us? You are just a tiny lawyer so don't be such a busybody or you might end up dead in a ditch somewhere!"

This was the first time in a long time Lawyer Kim was openly threatened like that. He chuckled casually, shot a laser-sharp gaze at Wu Rong and replied, "Very nice, I'm pressing another charge against this old lady for threatening a lawyer's personal safety. Don't worry, you'll receive the lawyer's letter soon enough."

"You…" Wu Rong was ready to blow up but Wushuang stopped her, "Mom, don't say another word!"

She calmed down enough to realize the power hegemony had shifted.

Moreover, Xi Mubai wasn't a character they could deal with.

Wushuang asked the chief coldly, "Chief, in other words, you have to let Xia Xinghe go today?"
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