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Chapter 752: Zhang Ye takes the bar exam!

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The next day.

Zhang Ye received a phone call in the morning.

It was from his program team's Assistant Director Ha Qiqi. "Hello, Director Zhang, did I disturb your sleep?"

"No, I'm up," Zhang Ye said, as he sat up in his bed and patted the still asleep beside him Chenchen several times to wake her up. "What's the matter?"

Ha Qiqi said: "It's like this. I just got notified by the station while I was still at home. Everyone from our program team was given the week off. Zhang Zuo and the others received the news as well, but I was afraid that you might not know about it as I guessed the station probably did not inform you, so I called to tell you about it."

Zhang Ye said indifferently: "Alright, so be it."

Ha Qiqi then asked: "Is everything alright on your end?"

"What could possibly happen to me?" Zhang Ye laughed and stated: "I can still eat, drink, and sleep as usual."

Ha Qiqi was surprised by this response. But thinking about it, if there really was any trouble, it should be Central TV Department 1 worrying instead. They had just lost a court case and needed to deal with another two lawsuits soon. All of this had left the executives of Central TV Department 1 with a huge mess that was more than they could handle!

The call ended.

His mother opened the door and came into the room. "You're up already?"

"Yeah," Zhang Ye yawned.

But Chenchen did not budge an inch and was still fast asleep.

His father asked from the hallway, "Are you going to work today?"

"A colleague just called me to inform that we have been given the week off, so I don't need to go."

His mother snorted, "They don't want to see the sight of you for even a minute longer. That must be the reason why they gave all of you such a long break." Regarding the incident of the artists banding together to get back at Central TV Department 1, his parents knew about it from yesterday's news. At the time, his mother had even applauded joyously and stayed in high spirits for the rest of the evening.

Zhang Ye understood very well that he had smacked the face of Central TV Department 1 extremely hard this time. Otherwise, they would not have given them such a break like they did.

"Go wash up, then come out for breakfast." His mother went back into the kitchen and continued cooking.

Zhang Ye hauled Chenchen up with him. He got out of bed to brush his teeth and helped Chenchen wash up as well.

During breakfast, his father asked while eating an egg, "What are your plans for the coming days?"

Zhang Ye shrugged. He said while chewing on a fried mantou, "I don't know yet. I don't have anything to do for now, so I might as well take this opportunity to rest for some time."

His mother inquired, "Are you just going to stay at home?"

"Where would I go?" Zhang Ye returned.

Suddenly, a voice sounded from the TV, "Today is the deadline for the registration of this year's National Judicial Exam. According to reports, the number of applicants this year has surpassed the previous year. According to an anonymous source, it is estimated that the number has increased by around 7%..."

Zhang Ye remarked with interest, "The bar exam is starting soon?"

His mother said, "It has been some time since the registration started, isn't that so?"

Almost without thinking, Zhang Ye seemingly declared as if he were joking, "Alright, since I'm just going to be staying at home and doing nothing, why don't I take the exam and earn myself a law license."

His mother was surprised by this. "Can you even pass?"

"I've fought a court case before, what can't I do?" Zhang Ye boasted.

His father looked at him. "The people taking the exam are all law students and staff. There aren't many non-law professionals who would attempt it!"

Zhang Ye said, "This exam is not limited to legal professionals only. Why can't I just register for it?"

His mother said in a speechless manner, "You can register for it, but can you pass the exam? It was just a coincidence that you won the lawsuit. It's not like lawyers only debate cases involving salary disputes, there are also divorce cases and property lawsuits. You're just a broadcaster. What do you know about law? You're still far from it! The Judicial Exam is mainly designed to test the legal knowledge of a candidate in a wide range of subjects. It is not something you can just pass by frantically making some last-minute effort to look at the labor laws or some other laws. This is on a completely different level."

Zhang Ye chuckled and said with an unyielding tone, "Then what if I manage to pass?"

His mother was amused. She replied, "If you really think so, go ahead and attempt it! You child!"

"I don't believe that I can't do it." Zhang Ye smiled and said, "Alright, I will attempt it then. I will go and register after breakfast. There isn't any license in this world that I, Zhang Ye, can't obtain!"

Chenchen sleepily let out a terse "hur hur."

His mother also curled her lips. "Keep bragging. Just keep bragging."

Zhang Ye rolled his eyes. "Alright, you just wait and see! Hmph, I'll show you!"

He bickered back and forth with his parents for a long time. Actually, he did not have much confidence either. He had only won the lawsuit this time because he memorized the entire Constitution and civil law, not because he had the standards of a professional lawyer. He had never eaten any Legal Profession Skill Experience Books before, so strictly speaking, there was still a certain disparity between him and a real lawyer. You couldn't become a lawyer just by memorizing some laws and regulations. It would have been easy for him if that were the case. But when faced with a challenge, Zhang Ye had never shown fear. Since he could foresee that he wouldn't have any work or activities in the coming couple of weeks, and staying home would be a waste of time, why not find something to do instead? If he could appear in the news, it would help maintain his popularity. Besides, earning an extra certificate was also a good thing. An additional skill would mean an additional way to gain fame. This had always been the way Zhang Ye had led his life up until now.

After breakfast.

Zhang Ye immediately turned on the computer to understand the registration process and syllabus of the Judicial Exam. First, he found that there were some differences between the Judicial Exam of this world and his previous world. The main difference was the time between the registration and the actual examination was not as far apart. In his previous world, he would have to register a few months ahead of time, but over here, he could take the exam five days after the registration deadline. The efficiency of the process was very high.

He filled in the application form.

Then prepared a photocopied proof of identification and other relevant documents.

After he was done, Zhang Ye drove to the registration venue immediately. He wore his sunglasses and queued for about half an hour before it was his turn to enter.

The staff in charge at the registration desk did not recognize Zhang Ye at first because he was wearing a face mask and had sunglasses on, which concealed his face very well. But after seeing the photocopied identification and the other registration information he submitted, a few of the staff suddenly exclaimed with alarm!

"Zhang Ye!"

"Holy shit!"

"You…you are Teacher Zhang?"

"What did you come here for? Did you come to register??"

A few of them were dumbfounded. They could never have expected that Zhang Ye would actually come to register for this year's judicial examination. Hey, did you walk through the wrong door, good sir? Are you even still a goddamn host? Why would you come and attempt the bar exam?! Can't you just host your programs obediently? Must you be such a jack of all trades?!

However, when they remember how Zhang Ye had just represented himself in a lawsuit yesterday, their shock slightly subsided. In their opinion, Zhang Ye probably did have a bit of a legal background, or perhaps he had prepared very well for that case by reading ahead on the legal provisions and planning on how to take on the opponent lawyer. Otherwise, he couldn't have possibly won the case against Central TV Department 1. However, to represent yourself in court and taking the Judicial Exam were two different cases. Each year, the Judicial Exam covered a wide range of subjects in the legal assessment criteria, so unless you were some self-taught genius, there wasn't much of a chance that you could pass the exam if you were not a graduate from a school of law or a person involved in legal work. The entire exam's passing rate was less than 10%, so you could imagine how difficult it was. Even for those who studied law, a majority of those people would still be unable to pass it!

That female staff member exclaimed, "Are you really here to register?"

"Of course," Zhang Ye said, feeling a little lost for words. "If not, what am I here for?"

"Uh, alright." The female staff member had no choice but to go through the formalities for him. Finally, she looked at Zhang Ye and said with good intention, "Teacher Zhang, the Judicial Exam this time is likely going to be more difficult than the previous years'. We have just received some internal news, so if you really want to take the examination, then you have a lot of prep work to do."

Zhang Ye blinked. "Or why don't you recommend some study materials to me?"

The female staff member coughed once, then looked at the door and saw that it was closed rather securely. After that, she quietly pulled opened her drawer and took out around eight books which were very thick. "I'll give these to you."

Zhang Ye asked, "Is this appropriate?"

The woman smiled and replied, "These contain my personal notes and information. I'm giving them to you in my personal capacity."

The two judiciary exam board staffers beside them pretended not to see, and lowered their heads to photocopy and stamp the documents.

"Great, then thank you so much!" Zhang Ye was very grateful.

The women said, "If you can memorize all these, you might barely churn out a pass. But if you want to be assured of a pass, then there's still some more books you have to review. Anyway, it's only going to be helpful if you can read more, especially those law books that have case studies. Unfortunately, I don't have those type of books here with me."

Zhang Ye took the books and responded, "I won't say anything else, other than you have my thanks!"

The woman waved it off. "There's no need to thank me. I'm a fan of you after all."

This was the advantage of being a celebrity. It made it more convenient to handle things, as people tended to give them some respect!


Leaving the registration venue.

Zhang Ye went back into his car, but did not start the engine. Instead, he took a book the staff member gave him and flipped through it speedily. Then the second book and the third book. After he finished flipping through all the books, Zhang Ye immediately went into the game ring's Merchant Shop and bought some memory search capsules.

He had almost used up all the reputation points from the previous draw, and also used up a lot when he memorized the Constitution and civil law later. Thankfully, he received a lot of news coverage recently and had accumulated some reputation points again, which was enough for him to use. Zhang Ye started using the capsules to memorize all the books one by one without missing a word!

He memorized everything in a little less than an hour.

Zhang Ye felt that it was still not enough for him to pass, and that it still wasn't enough. Therefore, he started the engine and stepped on the accelerator. He headed straight for the bookstore in Xidan. After he put on his face mask and sunglasses, he went straight to the legal profession section. Without stopping, he randomly picked out a book and started flipping through the pages. Following that, he picked up another one, and another one!

When many of the surrounding customers at the bookstore saw this, they found it to be both funny and ridiculous. They wondered to themselves who this person was. Are you even reading? You just started flipping through the pages the moment you picked up the books. At that speed, can you even see the words at all? After reading for a while, you even rested your eyes momentarily? Did you go crazy??

It wasn't that no one noticed that he looked like a certain celebrity, but to be behaving like this in public in a way no one could understand made them subconsciously not link this to Zhang Ye. They somehow believed that it was impossible for big shot celebrity to appear here!

10 books…

20 books…

30 books…

Knowledge of the legal profession rapidly increased by the second inside Zhang Ye's mind!
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