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The next day.


Shōnen Publishing's comic magazine went on sale.

All the staff of Shōnen Publishing's editorial department were here.

"Teacher Tanaka."

"We're depending on you."

"Good luck."

"Everything depends on today."

"The whole of Asia is watching us right now."

"Right, there won't be any problems. Everyone here has seen Teacher Tanaka's continuation of the comic."

"Hahaha, I find his artwork to be much better than Zhang Ye's."

"That's right. Teacher Tanaka is a professional cartoonist while Zhang Ye is at most an amateur hobbyist. How can they compare? What does he have to compare with our Teacher Tanaka?"

Everyone was cheering each other on. They were a little anxious and felt some anticipation as well.

The most excited person would definitely have to be Tanaka Kentaro. He was the cartoonist Shōnen Publishing had invited to continue the serialization for One Piece. In the Japanese comics world, Tanaka Kentaro wasn't exactly the most well-known cartoonist, nor had he published any top comic series before. Otherwise, he wouldn't have agreed to take this job. However, Tanaka was recognized as a top cartoonist when it came to his drawing techniques and experience. On top of that, he was especially good at mimicking the art styles of others.

In the past, his works did not get popular because he did not have a distinct style of his own and wasn't that good creatively. From his works, one could always see a hint of similarity to the outstanding works of other people. But this time, it was different. To do a continuation for One Piece, it required someone who could exactly imitate the style of others. It had to be similar, the closer, the better. As such, there was perhaps no one more suitable for this job than Teacher Tanaka in the entire comics industry. Tanaka himself was also very willing to accept this project. To him, this was a chance. It was a great opportunity for him to ascend to the heavens!

What sort of a project was this?

It was One Piece!

A national cartoon!

He knew that if he could draw it well, his name would go down in the annals of history!

Tanaka was in a jubilant mood at this moment. Zhang Ye, since you've canceled your series, don't blame me for taking over. Haha! I, Tanaka Kentaro, will be picking up this bargain!

Later that morning.

Shōnen Publishing's comic magazine went on sale.

All of Asia's citizens were waiting in anticipation!


"It's out!"

"I've gotten my hands on a copy of it!"

"Let me take a look at One Piece first."

"Wow, it's pretty good."

"Yeah, it looks really similar to the original."

"Is this really a continuation? It's not bad!"

"Hahahaha, well done!"

"Teacher Tanaka is so impressive!"

"Just keep on drawing like this! We'll be relying on you from now on!"


"Haha, how well-drawn!"

"There's no need for Zhang Ye anymore!"

"Right! Naruto and Slam Dunk can also continue getting serialized this way!"

"They definitely have to get a continuation. If One Piece's continuation gets a good response, the other six cartoons will follow suit. I've heard that they're already searching for cartoonists to take over the projects."

"Haha, Zhang Ye must be dumbfounded!"

"It's OK if you don't want to draw. There will be others more than willing to do it!"



"Teacher Zhang must be stunned by this!"

"He definitely is!"

"Haha, this is so delightful!"

"Honestly speaking, Tanaka's drawing is quite acceptable."

"It's good as long as I can read it."

"Let's just forget about that damned eunuch!"

"Teacher Zhang, you can leave now. We don't need you anymore!"


There was a heated discussion about this throughout Asia.

The people were cheering.

The continuation of One Piece's serialization had attracted huge attention.

The authorities, the media, and the public's evaluation of it were all pretty good.

Although some places weren't perfect, since this was not Zhang Ye's original work, the continuation was still an acceptable version. At the least, it was above a passing grade, so everyone's evaluation of it was rather high.

Shōnen Publishing was elated!

The crisis had been resolved!

They were finally back on track!

Tanaka was also overjoyed!

It's on fire!

This bro is on fire!

This bro has finally made a name for himself!

Immediately, Tanaka's fame received a huge boost!

The news started to spread.

"One Piece's continuation a success!"

"The people are convinced!"

"According to sources, the search for a cartoonist to continue Detective Conan has begun!"

"Rumors spread of Gundam getting a continuation!"

"Is the greatest 'castration' in history subsiding?"

The matter was gradually showing signs of improvement.

Everyone thought that this was the end of it. One Piece would keep getting published and the story of Luffy and his friends would continue. The other comics would get their own continuations. But to everyone's surprise, Zhang Ye's Studio, which had been quiet for several days, made a post at this time!

Zhang Ye had made his move!

And with this move, the waters were even more muddied!

The studio's post was nothing but a new chapter of One Piece!

Zhang Ye, who had "castrated" the series, was actually bringing it back!

It blew up all over Asia!

Everyone was stunned, their jaws dropping!

"Holy fuck!"

"What is this I'm seeing?!"

"Zhang Ye has posted a new chapter!"

"One Piece has been updated!"

"Damn, didn't you say that you weren't going to draw it anymore? Didn't you say that you couldn't draw it anymore because you were busy with work? Your grandpa! Who are you trying to fool!"

"Why did it get updated, dammit?"

"Motherfucker, it's so well-drawn!"

"I've finished reading it. It's really touching!"

"Indeed, it's so much better than Tanaka's version. Moreover, the plot developed in a completely different direction!"

"Isn't this such a face smacking?!"

"Yeah, and I thought that Tanaka's continuation was pretty good at first. But it's nothing compared to the original version. The storyline was different as well. I still find Zhang Ye's version to be better! This fellow's character and temperament are not good, but his abilities are very real. They were still drumming up how professional a cartoonist Tanaka is over in Japan and how his continuation would surely be more professional than Zhang Ye's, who is just an amateur, hur hur. In fact, anyone would know that it was just self-deception to convince the people. One Piece is Zhang Ye's original creation, after all, so who could possibly draw it better than him? Wouldn't that be nonsense?!"

"Hurry up and publish more!"

"Quickly write more!"




One Piece's latest chapter spread like wildfire!

Countless people had their hopes raised as they screamed excitedly.

And then—then, there were no more and thens!

One Piece was just updated with one chapter before getting canceled again!

Zhang Ye and his studio went quiet once more without any signs of activity!

Only at this moment did everyone understand Zhang Ye's intention. They were all so angry that they wanted to tear Zhang Ye to pieces!

Shōnen Publishing.

The editorial department's staff were dumbfounded!

When Tanaka dumbfoundedly finished reading the latest chapter of the original version, he nearly spat blood!

"That jerk!"

"Bastard! That guy is an absolute bastard!"

"That fellow is so horrible!"

"Zhang! Just die already!"

"Fuck your sister!"

"Teacher Tanaka, ignore him!"

"Right, just keep drawing as you would!"

In fact, Tanaka had already started writing the second chapter. But now, he couldn't carry on drawing the comic! Draw? My ass! He had already planned the storyline and got into his rhythm of drawing. But who could have fucking expected that Zhang Ye would actually do a "dead cat bounce"! This fellow updated the story with a new chapter, and it was even done in an entirely different direction from Tanaka's storyline! Zhang Ye's original version was spreading, and the Japanese citizens all went to read the pirated Chinese version of it. If Tanaka ignored Zhang Ye and continued writing and drawing his own version of the story, how many people would be convinced by it? The basis of a continuation depended on the original story, but he had already deviated from it! But if Tanaka followed the direction of Zhang Ye's latest chapter to continue drawing? Then the chapter that he drew before this would have to get retconned! Moreover, God knows when Zhang Ye would perform another "dead cat bounce" when that happens? Even if Zhang Ye did not do that every day, all he had to do was pull this stunt every now and then, which would be enough to make it unbearable for Tanaka!

He could do it!

He was fully capable of something like that!

This was why Tanaka was in tears. He could no longer continue drawing this!

How could he?

At POO Studios.

The phone rang.

"Teacher Isarai."

"About the comic's continuation, maybe you all should find someone else."

"But why? Didn't you agree to do it?"

"Just—forget it."


"Teacher Yoshida, you can't do that!"

"Please find someone better."

"But we've already come to an agreement."

"Hai, can't you all see? No matter who you get to do the continuation for any of Zhang Ye's comics, he'll find a way to stop you from doing it!"

On the same day.

Tanaka quit from working on the continuation of One Piece.

Concurrently, the cartoonists who had agreed to take on the continuation projects for Naruto, Gundam, Detective Conan, and all of the other comic series also ended up turning down this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

There was no way they could do it!

Just based on this "dead cat bounce" stunt by Zhang Ye?

None of them would want to draw for these comic series!

Only now did they get a thorough understanding of how great a hooligan Zhang Ye was and how his shamelessness had reached a point that even the Heavens could not tolerate. You don't want to draw them anymore, but you're not letting anyone else continue drawing them either? And you're even making trouble to ensure that? We've never seen anyone like that before! We've really never seen anyone like that before!

The plans for the continuation of the comics were all left hanging!

The continuation of the seven cartoons were placed on indefinite hiatus!

The people were scolding like crazy!

"It was done on purpose! He's doing all of this on purpose!"

"Zhang Ye! You're so wicked!"

"I'll curse him to get into an accident sooner rather than later!"

"You can't find another person like him in the whole of Asia!"

"It's over! There's nothing for us to read again!"

"Motherfucker, everything has been messed up by Zhang Ye!"

"This fellow is so infuriating!"

"It makes me so mad! Ahhhh!"

"This time, it has really been canceled. There won't even be a continuation!"

The scolding that had died down exploded once again. Furthermore, it blew up ten times greater this time. Zhang Ye was once again getting besieged by all of Asia's people!
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