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The scolding lasted an entire day.

It was still going on into the night and the wee hours of the morning.

After a full day of scolding, not only did the emotions not subside, the feelings of the people intensified even further!

The next day.

In the morning.

Zhang Ye drove to work today. After he parked his car and headed upstairs to the office, a young couple who lived in the neighborhood walked over. The two of them had a big brown dog with them and were probably walking their dog together after breakfast. Somehow, they ended up in front of Zhang Ye's BMW.

The dog wanted to pee.

The young man quickly said, "Brownie, don't be a bad dog!"

But his girlfriend said, "Brownie, pee right where you are."

The young man said anxiously, "But this is Teacher Zhang's car."

His girlfriend harrumphed. "I know it's his car. That's why I want him to pee here. Pee as much as you can, Brownie!"

The young man was speechless.

After the dog was done peeing.

The young man's girlfriend urged, "Brownie, pee some more!"

The young man was still speechless.

His girlfriend snorted and said, "You're done? Then let's go and get you some more water to drink. Mommy will continue walking you until you're ready to come back here to pee."

The young man couldn't think of anything to say.


In the studio.

When Zhang Ye came into the office, he saw that some guests had arrived.

Xiaodong and Amy were both rummaging through the cabinets and drawers!

Li Xiaoxian had a bitter smile on her face as she tried to hold them back. "Aiya, what are the two of you doing?"

Amy said, "The stockpile of chapters! I'm looking for the stockpile of Detective Conan's chapters!"

Xiaodong also said loudly, "Where's the manuscript of One Piece?"

Ha Qiqi said helplessly, "Director Zhang really didn't draw them."

"That's impossible. It's definitely around here somewhere!" Amy was having none of it.

Zhang Ye couldn't help but laugh and say, "What's this? Are you raiding my place?"

Xiaodong turned her head. "You're finally here! Hurry up and hand over the stockpile of chapters. Even if you're not giving them to others, you have to give it to me!"

Zhang Ye threw up his hands. "I really don't have them. I'm no longer drawing them."

Amy said angrily, "Teacher Zhang, you're such a terrible person! Do you know you won't have any friends if you keep up with that attitude? Won't! Have! Any! Friends!"

Xiaodong rolled her eyes. "You're a public enemy to all Asian people, do you know that? Why did you have to cancel the comics now of all times?! W-Why are you so heartless?"

"Please, publish more."

"Right, quickly publish them!"

"Quickly go and draw some more chapters!"

The two of them kept bugging Zhang Ye and went on and on.

However, Zhang Ye was completely unaffected by it, which made Xiaodong and Amy so angry that they could do nothing about it. They really had no way of dealing with this fellow!

From across the room, Little Wang called out, "Ah, Director Zhang!"

Little Zhou pointed downstairs. "There's a dog pissing on your car tires!"

Little Wang said, "Ah, another dog has come to pee on your car!"

Zhang Ye shrugged and remarked, "Let them pee all they want. It's no big deal. Which family doesn't own a pet these days? If they're feeling so urgent and want to pee, surely we can't stop them from doing so, right? That would be too much. We cannot be that unreasonable. Let's be considerate of one another since we're all friends." He patted his chest. "We have to be big-hearted!"

Xiaodong and Amy were both speechless.

The two of them gazed at this fellow who was so shameless that his skin was thicker than city walls. They knew that there was nothing they could say to make him change his mind. Starting to feel annoyed with him, they left the place while cursing and swearing as they walked off.

It was the same situation online.

Countless netizens joined hands in solidarity at this common enemy!

"Everybody, get him!"

"I can't stand it anymore!"

"This damned eunuch!"

"It makes me so mad! So mad!"

"Detective Conan stopped publication today!"

"One Piece is also probably going to stop publication tomorrow!"

"Everyone, let's scold this fellow together! He's such a bastard! We mustn't let him off so lightly!"

"Right, the louder our voices, the greater the pressure will be on Zhang Ye. When he can't take it anymore, he will have to bow down and start publishing chapters again!"

"That's right, let's go! Let's pile the pressure on him!"

"Zhang! Show yourself!"

"Are you going to continue drawing or not?"

Zhang Ye's Weibo, his fan club's Tieba, and his studio's blog. As long as there was a platform related to Zhang Ye that the netizens could find, the enraged masses occupied them. One after another, everyone scolded Zhang Ye like clockwork. How they wished that there were 25 hours in a day for them to scold him. Everyone was hoping that this would put some pressure on Zhang Ye so that he would resume publication. After all, this wasn't just about one or two people, nor was it just one or two countries. It was all of the comics and animation fans from all over Asia who were involved!

It was tens of millions of people!

It was hundreds of millions of people!

Who could withstand such great pressure?

No one could bear that!

This was the voice of the people!

This was the power of the masses!

But to everyone's surprise—Zhang Ye was truly able to bear it!

Three days!

Three full days!

The Asian citizens scolded Zhang Ye for three full days!

If it were anyone else, if it were any other celebrity, if it were any other studio, they would have caved in from this vast scolding by the people. The celebrities would have also long since broken down in the face of such great pressure. Even if they did not break down, they would definitely be panicking and would have to step forward to give an explanation at least. But as for Zhang Ye's Studio? Nothing! There was no response from them at all. Zhang Ye continued working, totally unmoved by everything that was going on. Business went on as usual as though nothing had happened!

What sort of person was Zhang Ye?

If he had to go to the hospital?

He would be very afraid!

If he had to get a shot?

He would be scared to death!

But if he was to bear the brunt from other people's scolding?

Hur hur, this fellow was an expert at scolding others, so he was naturally very good at bearing the brunt of being scolded. No matter how terrible the scolding, no matter how many people were scolding him, he could endure all of that without a change in expression!

What was a hooligan?

This was a hooligan!

He wouldn't bend no matter what!

Nothing could affect him at all!

The Asian citizens were enraged!

"Fucking hell!"

"This guy is too shameless!"

"Our scoldings aren't working? Dammit, this guy is too thick-skinned!"

"Your sister! He doesn't even budge after so many people have scolded him?"

"Motherfucker, this fellow is really pissing me off!"

"Pfft, the thing about Zhang Ye that leaves people speechless is—sometimes, he can get so detestable, yet there's nothing we can do about that!"

"Yeah, I finally understand. It's absolutely useless to keep on scolding him!"

"That's true. How could Zhang Ye be afraid of being scolded? He's always being scolded by people throughout the years, but does it look like he has ever cared? This fellow just can't be bothered by such things!"

"I give up, I really give up!"

"There's no one who can deal with a person like Zhang Ye."

"Chief Wu, rein in your husband. This fellow is getting too arrogant!"

"@WuZeqing Stop Zhang Ye from going to work and make him stay at home to finish drawing the comics!"

"Quickly lift the restriction order on Zhang Ye!"

"Right, fucking shit, stop it with those restriction orders and stuff!"

"Quickly lift his ban and let him continue drawing!"

However, the Japanese authorities did not give any responses to the matter. After learning that Zhang Ye was the author of the comics, they should have banned those seven comics on the basis of the restriction order and restricted their sales. This was because Zhang Ye was not allowed to have any of his non-charity works appear in the Japanese market. Yet now, after this matter was exposed, the relevant departments in Japan were still staying silent. They did not dare to ban the works nor say that they were going to lift the restriction order. Their attitude towards the matter remained very ambiguous.

There was no effect at all!

Everyone was finally getting tired of scolding!

But at this moment, a piece of news that shocked all of Asia was released!

Shōnen Publishing announced that they were going to get someone else to continue the serialization of One Piece!

The Asian citizens screamed!

In particular, the Japanese were the most excited!


"Well done!"

"Continue writing it, quickly continue writing it!"

"Although it won't be drawn by Zhang Ye, and even if it might not feel the same, it's still better than being fucking canceled!"

"Hahaha, well done!"

"I give a thumbs up to this decision!"

"I'm just afraid that One Piece will get ruined if someone else takes over!"

"That won't happen. Our Japan is the glorious country of comics and animation. The cartoonists here are all very professional. If an amateur like Zhang Ye can do it, why can't our professional cartoonists do it? Moreover, One Piece's main plot and general content have already been more or less laid out. The character designs are there too, so there isn't going to be much difficulty for someone to take over and continue the series. Motherfucker, as long as the story continues, I will read it regardless of who's drawing it. Just hurry up and publish chapters already!"

"It's just a pity that we won't be getting four chapters per week anymore."

"Hai, don't think about having four chapters, I would be satisfied with just one fucking chapter a week now!"

There was a heated discussion about this throughout Asia.

The outside world was getting very excited about it.

At the same time, Zhang Ye's Studio received this news.

Ha Qiqi was dumbfounded. "D-Does the contract allow that?"

Little Wang let out a curse. "They can even find someone to continue the series?"

Zhang Zuo said, "They're pulling out all the stops!"

Little Zhou said, "Then what should we do now?"

Zhang Ye harrumphed at this.

Continue the series?

I'll see which of you are capable of doing something like that!
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