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I am Really a Superstar 1401 The tickets get sold like crazy!

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What was this?

This was a face smacking!

Zhang Ye could always come up with something unexpected!

Today and at this moment, this scene repeated itself once again!

At first, it was still alright. The concert tickets for the three Japanese and Korean big names were priced much higher than before, but compared to the current price levels, it was not too unacceptable. Everyone just made a few remarks about it on the Internet. But when the tickets prices for Zhang Ye's crosstalk tour were announced, it immediately flipped things on its head and left the staff of the three Japanese and Korean celebrity teams in a predicament. They had been placed right in the line of fire!

Nothing stands up well to comparison!

With this, there was an immediate wave of scolding across the country!

"It's priced so low?"

"What the hell! This is too cheap!"

"That's right. When we eat out with our family and friends these days, the bill comes up to at least five or six hundred yuan. But his lowest tier seating is only going for 288 RMB? That's not even enough for one meal!"

"What's more, this is Zhang Ye we're talking about! A Chinese Heavenly King! An Asian A-list celebrity! He's too kind! Zhang Ye still has the best character!"

"That's right, these ticket prices were priced with a conscience!"

"Supporting Zhang Ye!"

"Teacher Zhang is so honorable!"

"Who said that Zhang Ye's ticket pricing would definitely be higher? Who said it?"

"How face smacking! Hahahahaha!"

"At first, I thought I wouldn't have the money to buy Zhang Ye's tickets. But now, it looks like I can even afford the middle tier seats. Damn, I definitely have to go support Lord Zhang and Lord Yao! I like their crosstalk so much, and the ticket prices are so cheap as well. Why would anyone in their right mind buy the tickets to those Japanese and Korean celebrities' concerts?"

"Those foreigners! They're only here to make a quick buck!"

"That's right. By selling their tickets at such a high price, are they taking us for fools?"

"They're just taking advantage of the fact that the Chinese people have money for them to earn!"

"What kind of status does Zhang Ye have? Do they know how popular Teacher Zhang is in our country? Even Teacher Zhang's tickets aren't priced so expensively, so who do they think they are?"

"This is the first time that Park Jaesang will be holding a concert in China, so what if it's a tad more expensive?"

"Previous poster, you must be joking, right? You're putting it like this is not Lord Zhang's first time holding a special crosstalk!"

"Furthermore, Zhang Ye will be performing three consecutive days of shows. It's going to be a tour! Unlike those Japanese and Korean celebrities who come over to earn our money before running away!"

"Zhang Ye has handled this beautifully!"

"Poor people like us will also get a chance to go watch his crosstalk live!"



The situation online blew up!

At Zhang Xia's house.

"Mom, this—"

"That Little Zhang, how awful of him."

"Pfft, Teacher Zhang is too ruthless!"

At Chen Guang and Fan Wenli's home.

"I'm cracking up!"

"Teacher Zhang is really good at stirring things up!"

"He's just messing around!"

At Zhang Yuanqi's studio.

"Sister Zhang, Zhang Ye has really made a move!"

"I've seen it already."

"Do you think the three of them can outdo Zhang Ye?"

"They can't even hold Zhang Ye down in their own territory, much less here in China."

At Central TV.

"Zhang Ye has taken a stab at them!"

"What a ruthless swipe this is!"

"Hai, tell me, why did they have to provoke him!"

The media was amused!

The industry insiders were amused!

However, the three celebrity teams from Japan and Korea were not amused at all. They were all cursing at this in unison. This kind of public pressure made them very uncomfortable!

"What the hell is he thinking?!"

"Why is he selling his tickets so cheaply? Isn't he looking to earn money?"

"Everyone was selling at a high price without any issues, but you're selling yours at such a low price? What is the meaning of this?"

"Are you trying to ruin the market?!"

"He's deliberately messing with us!"

"This is so infuriating! What a bastard!"

"He's trying to put on a show of strength. That goddamned Zhang Ye!"

"Should we lower our ticket prices?"

"We can't lower them anymore. The ticket prices have already been submitted, and there's no way we can lower it either. Our publicity costs are too high. If the ticket prices are too low, we won't be able to recoup our expenses. At the end of the day, we still have to make some money out of this."

"Don't worry, this won't hurt us one bit!"

"Right, even if our tickets are highly priced, it's not like we won't be able to sell them off."

"Besides, we still have to delay releasing the VIP tickets for now. And the other tickets too, we can't just release everything in one go."

"Understood, that's basic hunger marketing, after all."

"Yeah, Chinese people always fall for such tricks."

"That's right! Sometimes, the more expensive it is, the more likely they will buy it!"

"Let them scold all they want. We have a lot of fans in China anyway, so there will always be someone who will buy it."

Right at the beginning, Zhang Ye had made a fool of them. For now, they could only brace themselves and stick to the plan. What other way was there? It was already too late to turn back!

That same night.

Park Jaesang's concert.

Kim Jichan's concert.

Kazuya Kimura's concert.

And Zhang Ye's crosstalk tour.

At 10 PM, the tickets for all the events would go on sale!

The media was also unanimously siding with Zhang Ye:

"When the ticketing sales channels open, who will emerge as the winner?"

"Zhang Ye's ticket prices labeled as honest!"

"Zhang Ye's tickets for crosstalk tour sets market price!"

"Tickets to the Japanese and Korean celebrities' concerts are overly expensive!"

"Who will buy such expensive tickets?"

With five minutes to go, many netizens were standing by to buy the tickets. Some were holding their cell phones, and some were keeping watch on their computers. Nobody blinked as they waited for the time to arrive!

"It's starting soon!"

"On your marks, everyone!"

"Someone, help me snatch a ticket for Zhang Ye's crosstalk!"

"Supporting Zhang Ye!"

"Boycotting all high ticket prices!"

"Hightail it back to Japan and Korea! This is not a place for you all to make a quick buck!"

"I want tickets to Park Jaesang's concert!"

"Why do you still want them when they're so expensive?"

"I'll still buy them anyhow!"

"The reason why this group of foreigners dare to behave so audaciously in China is because of people like you!"

"So what? I like Kim Jichan! And I'm willing to give him my money! What's wrong with that?"

Everyone was quarreling over the buying of the tickets.




The sales began!

"Snatch the tickets!"

"It's mine! They're all mine!"

"Zhang Ye, Zhang Ye!"

"I'm here!"

"Don't snatch from me!"

"Damn, why are they all gone?"

"Heavens, why are there already no tickets left?"

"They've all been sold out? Fuck!"

13 seconds!

It had only been 13 seconds since the tickets went on sale!

Everyone who came to purchase the tickets were shocked to discover that Zhang Ye's tickets to his Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen shows, be it the 288 RMB, 388 RMB, 588 RMB, or 888 RMB tickets, were all sold out. In the blink of an eye, all of them had been snapped up!

As for the other three Japanese and Korean celebrities' concert tickets, the tickets weren't even fully released for sale yet. At most, they only opened around half of the seating for sale. However, the tickets were still selling and there were no signs of them being sold out. In fact, they were even far from being sold out. From the looks of it, it might be possible that they could still be bought the next morning!

The public was stunned!

The nation was stunned!

13 seconds. Three shows. There had never been such a crazy sales result before!

Moreover, it had to be known that no tickets were held back from the sales channel for Zhang Ye's shows. All of them released to the public for sale!

And they were sold out?

Even selling out in only a matter of seconds?

Everyone was shocked!

"How scary!"

"Zhang Ye is amazing!"

"There's really no fucking others who are as popular as him!"

"Even if the tickets were sold cheaply, they shouldn't have been sold out this quickly!"

"13 seconds? Three shows? Tens of thousands of seats? Not even Zhang Yuanqi's tickets are so coveted!"

"They've all gone mad! Mad, I tell you!"

"My ticket!"

"I was so close! I was just a second away from getting one!"

"Hai, Zhang Ye is indeed Zhang Ye!"

"I'm crying. I should've known there was no chance of getting a ticket!"

The three Japanese and Korean big names were stunned!

"How is that possible!"

"Isn't this too fast!"

"What about us?"

"We only sold a-sixth of our tickets!"

The industry was also in an uproar!

13 seconds!

This was a new record!

An unprecedented record!

Only now did they realize that even though Zhang Ye had only recently been promoted to the Chinese S-list rankings and ascended to the top of the Chinese entertainment industry, his popularity, influence, appeal, and all other aspects were already on par with the other six Heavenly Kings and Queens in China. Just taking this record of selling out his tickets in 13 seconds, no one else should be able to break it for a long time to come!

Zhang Yuanqi?

Xu Meilan?

Or someone else?

From the looks of it, it would be difficult to say who would win if the veteran Heavenly Kings and Queens came face to face with Zhang Ye!1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hunger_marketing#Limited_stock
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