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The citizens broke down!

"Detective Conan was drawn by him?"

"They were all fucking drawn by him?"

"Zhang Ye! Fuck your sister!"

"You scoundrel! You fucking scoundrel!"

"He's doing it on purpose!"

"This is pissing me off! I'm going crazy!"

"Th-This is so despicable!"

"Dammit, I've never encountered a person like that before!"

"He's scammed all of us!"

"When did he learn how to draw comics? And he can even draw so well?"

"Heavens, tell me this isn't true!"

The Japanese couldn't accept it as Zhang Ye was such a hated figure in Japan. Be it "Rivers Run Red" or the destruction of the Asakusa Hotel, they made Zhang Ye countless enemies. He was almost considered a public enemy of all Japanese people. As such, no one had expected that this fellow would sneak into their backyard and swindle them using comics and animation, the biggest industry and pride of their country, and beating them hands down with it!

And he even "castrated" the works?!

Canceling every series on a whim just like that!

At this moment, the Japanese citizens even had an urge to kill him!


The situation here was the same.

"Zhang Ye? Zhang Ye!"

"It can't be him, it's just not possible! It's impossible!"

"No, this can't be true!"

"Why don't he just die!"

"And I was wondering why the Japanese comics world had descended into such chaos recently! So it was all because of him! So it was because Zhang Ye had infiltrated into their market! We should have known that it was him! I've heard that the bastard always causes chaos in whichever industry he goes to. This fellow is really the number one shit stirrer of the world!"

"My One Piece!"

"My Naruto!"

"My Doraemon!"

"You…fucking publish more!"


The citizens here were also raising a ruckus!

"It's Teacher Zhang again!"

"Oh my god!"

"Face-smacking Zhang has fucking made a move again!"

"Zhang Ye, your sister! You fucking scammer!"

"Japan and Korea have been slapped ruthlessly this time. They clearly hated Zhang Ye to the core, but then they had to discover that their most beloved comics and animations were actually all created by him. Just how embarrassing is that? This is such a ruthless face smacking! Teacher Zhang, we don't really care about you smacking other people's faces, but can you not drag us into it as well!? Dammit! We're also readers of One Piece, Detective Conan, and the other comics as well!"

"Fuck! We've suffered collateral damage from Zhang Ye's face smacking!"

"I can understand how the Japanese and Koreans are feeling right now. I'm a hardcore fan of Zhang Ye, but damn, even I have a fucking urge to kill Zhang Ye right now! So not to mention the others! This fellow seems to have been born with the ability to taunt others! He can absolutely get away with driving people to their graves!"

"What did I say? What did I say? Every time Zhang Ye goes on a long break, he stirs up some trouble. I was still wondering why Zhang Ye managed to keep such a low profile this time and not cause any incidents. I thought that he was seriously taking a break this time! Take a break, my ass! So it turns out that he had actually gone to the comics industry and turned the place upside down! And on his first day back at work, he has immediately caused such a big commotion?"

"I knew he couldn't stay idle for long! Either he does not make a move, or he causes a wave when he does something!"

"How is this causing a wave? This is fucking scamming people!"

"Zhang Ye has torn a hole in the sky this time! I wonder how he'll clear this up!"

"I was just saying when did Japan also have someone as sinister as Zhang Ye in their country. How could they also have a scourge like that? But damn, I've only realized now that these two are actually the same person! So it has always fucking been Zhang Ye causing all those incidents! I should have known! How could there possibly be another scourge like Zhang Ye who only appears once every 10,000 years! It doesn't make sense that there would be a second one!"

"Zhang Ye, you're done for!"

"You've fucking tricked us as well!"

The news spread everywhere!

All the Asian media outlets were so shocked that their jaws dropped!

"Zhang Ye verified to be the original author!"

"The mastermind gets exposed: Zhang Ye!"

"Zhang Ye steps into the comics and animation world!"

"Zhang Ye's shocking response to the Japanese and Korean restriction order!"

"Zhang Ye gets besieged by all of Asia!"

"Zhang Ye provokes public anger. How will the situation be resolved?"

"A new kind of evil: Its name is Zhang Ye!"

"The truth behind the greatest 'castration" in history!"


At the studio.

Zhang Ye's cell phone was exploding with calls!

His mother!

His cousins!

Zhang Xia!

Yao Jiancai!

Ning Lan!



All of them called him in panic!

"Teacher Zhang, have you gone crazy?"

"Amy, calm down, calm down."

"Calm down, your sister! I was following Detective Conan!"

"Ah? You were reading it too?"

"Of course I read it. And Sister Dong follows One Piece! Why did you cancel them?!"

"Aiya, it doesn't matter whether it gets finished or not. What's important is the journey. The key takeaway is the enjoyment of that."

"What enjoyment? I want to know the ending! Do you know it's driving me crazy wanting to find out what happens next? Y-You've gotta at least tell us the ending to Detective Conan and One Piece!"


When Zhang Ye heard that, he didn't know whether to laugh or cry!

Tell you about what?

I didn't fucking get to see their endings either!

When he was done taking the calls here, Zhang Ye, who was at the studio, was startled by shouts from outside. The studio staff were also startled by them. They ran over to the window and took a cautious peek downstairs. They saw a shocking scene outside! Countless people appeared from all directions and had gathered below their studio.

"Teacher Zhang!"

"Get out here!"

"Stop working! Go and publish chapters!"

"You better hurry up and publish chapters!"

"Publish them!"

"Publish them!"

"Your grandpa!"

"Your grandpa!"

"Hand over your stockpile and we'll spare your life!"

"Hand over your stockpile and we'll spare your life!"

"Hand over your stockpile and we'll spare your life!"

The shouting became more and more in unison as a huge crowd gathered. It was a really "grand" sight to behold!

Ha Qiqi was floored. "Why did they all come here?"

Zhang Zuo was also getting anxious. "Why are they here so fast?"

Little Wang wiped off her sweat. "We have really poked the hornet's nest!"

Little Zhou and Little Sun looked at the scene downstairs and felt their legs trembling!

The other studio staff looked at one another with expressions of helplessness. This was the trouble that Director Zhang had stirred up. The face smacking this time had been dealt too severely! The citizens of Asia had been "attacked" all the same by Zhang Ye regardless of where they were from. The "wave" that Zhang Ye had wanted to cause this time had succeeded. But perhaps it had succeeded too well! They had initially banked on this "wave" to boost their popularity, but could that still happen? Could their popularity still increase after getting scolded to such a state? This matter had blown up by too much, and it had better not overturn the "car" that they were in!

On this day.

All of the Internet!

All of China!

All of Japan!

All of Asia!

Visiting any random forum, website, Tieba, or social network, a spectacular scene of scolding could be seen happening on any of them—all of these scoldings were directed at Zhang Ye!

A scolding battle with such a grand formation, on such a large scale, and with so much unity!

Throughout the ages, there had only been one case!

Throughout the ages, it had only happened to one person!
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