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I am Really a Superstar Chapter 1187: An invitation to the Welcoming Ceremony!

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Chapter 1187: An invitation to the Welcoming Ceremony!

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Downstairs, below Little Qiu's house.

A group of people were whispering among themselves.

Meanwhile, Zhang Ye, Old Wang, and Old Zhou stood a little further away to smoke.

At this moment, footsteps came from the apartment corridor. Liu Tie appeared after coming down from upstairs.

"How was it?" Xiaoqian quickly asked.

Liu Tie hushed them. "Let's talk when we get out of the neighborhood."

Dong Shanshan said anxiously, "Did Little Qiu agree?"

"Will she go and get her legs treated?" Wang He asked him in concern.

Once they were out of the neighborhood, Liu Tie smiled and said, "She finally accepted the money after much persuasion. Sister Qiu's husband is already contacting Zhang'er's friend. I can tell that Sister Qiu's attitude this time is different. She really wants to get her legs treated so that she can spryly stand up in front of us!"

Zhang Ye laughed and said, "We're all waiting for her!"

Ma Xufei slapped his thigh. "That's great!"

He Kui said excitedly, "We were afraid that she wouldn't agree to it and refuse to accept our money. Since Sister Qiu accepted it, everything can be discussed!"

Yu Yingyi asked, "Zhang'er, is the hospital you recommended good?"

Zhang Ye said, "It was recommended by Zhang Yuanqi, so it shouldn't be a problem."

Recently, their group of classmates had been gathering every day to discuss this matter. They genuinely cared about Qiu Yumei, so they were very happy about how this had turned out.

Hope filled their hearts.

Would she be able to stand again soon under her own strength?

Dong Shanshan gestured with her hand and said, "Come, let's head to my house. I'll treat everyone."


"Is the school belle going to cook?"

"Me? Cook? I'm only afraid that you guys wouldn't eat my cooking!"

"Haha, I won't mind even if I'm poisoned to death!"

"I'm so happy today. Let's drink too!"

"Oh, come on, we better not drink."

"Why not, Shanshan?"

"The last time Zhang Ye, Yingyi, and the others came over to my house, we drank too much. As a result, Zhang'er and I nearly caused a delay at the Spring Festival Gala's rehearsal the next day. Everyone at Beijing TV was waiting just for the two of us."


"There was such a shameful incident?"

"Tell us about it along the way!"

Several cars started driving off and headed toward Dong Shanshan's villa at Yizhuang.

On the way, Zhang Ye received a call. It was from their former class advisor at Media College, Su Hongyan. He quickly answered: "Yo, Teacher Su."

Su Hongyan said happily: "I saw your music video. It was really good."

Zhang Ye said to his classmates in the car, "Haha, Teacher Su just praised us."

Yu Yingyi giggled as she stretched her neck and said: "Teacher Su, did I play the violin well?"

"Yes, it was good." Su Hongyan said: "Are you all together?"

Zhang Ye switched the call to speakerphone. "Everyone is here. We're holding a party right now."

Su Hongyan said: "Heh, how convenient. College is reopening tomorrow and I have something urgent that I need to ask of you all. For tomorrow night's Welcoming Ceremony for the new students, the school has plans to make it even grander and livelier this year. They wanted me to contact you to come up with a program for us, and the rest of the kids from our class that year can also join in on the fun. It'll be fine if you guys just perform a song or something. Just do as you guys think will be suitable for the ceremony."

Zhang Ye exclaimed: "It's only a day away, why didn't you tell us earlier?"

Su Hongyan said: "You wrote 'To Youth' on the spot, don't you think I know well enough? Isn't one day more than enough for you? Little Zhang, I'm telling you, you better not decline this. You're an associate professor at our Media College, but now? You haven't even given a day's worth of lessons or participated in any of the school's activities. Surely you can't do things this way, right? You would have to prepare a lesson and perform a song for the school. Otherwise, if we bring up the fact that you composed that poem for Peking University, there would be no end to it."

Zhang Ye didn't know whether to laugh or cry: "Alright, you just want us to come up with a program, right? We'll come up with something then!"

"That's the right way." Su Hongyan laughed and said: "You have to prepare the lesson well and impart some of your experiences to this year's incoming students."

Zhang Ye said: "Sure."

Yu Yingyi stretched her neck and said: "We guarantee that we'll do a good job!"

Xiaoqian giggled and said: "Teacher Su, just you wait and see."

Su Hongyan said in satisfaction: "Alright, I'll be waiting to see what you guys come up with."

The car was parked.

They arrived at the villa.

Upon getting out from the car, Zhang Ye said, "Our class advisor has instructed, that as the alumni representatives, all of us are to perform a song together at the Welcoming Ceremony tomorrow. What do you guys say to that?"


"Since Teacher Su has spoken, we definitely have to do it!"

"But my singing is terrible."

"No worries, Zhang Ye will be the lead singer anyway."

"I know how to play the drums a little."

"I've taken some bass lessons, but I'm not good at it."

"If you need piano accompaniment, look to me. This sis didn't take seven years of lessons for nothing when I was young."

The students who could pass the Media College entrance exam were mostly multitalented. Although they could not be compared to professionals, they had an assorted range of skills to some degree.

Zhang Ye said, "Alright then, I'll compose the song so we can quickly rehearse!"

Dong Shanshan smiled and said, "Then I'll go and borrow some instruments?"

"Can you get those?" Zhang Ye asked, "Where are you going to borrow them from?"

Dong Shanshan pointed at the surrounding villas. "Two of my neighbors are music teachers and have instruments at home."

Wang He volunteered. "I'll help you carry them over."

"School belle, just leave the menial work to us."

"And me too!"

"Wow, you're all so thoughtful!"

Everyone laughed.

It looked like they had been brought back to the times when they were still students. Dong Shanshan stood out from the rest as a group of male classmates was surrounding her. Meanwhile, Yu Yingyi, Xiaoqian, and other girls provided the comic relief with their impromptu remarks and gestures.

Zhang Ye started writing the song.

What should he use?

What should they sing for the students this time?

All of a sudden, Wang He, who just came back from carrying the instruments, received a call. Then he grew excited. "Da Hui! You rascal!" Then he switched the call to speakerphone and shouted to the others, "Come over quickly, Da Hui has contacted us!"

Zhang Ye was very happy.

Everyone came over and tried to get a word in.

Wang He said: "You rascal, where did you disappear to?"

Yu Yingyi said: "You even changed your phone number. Did you die?"

Xiaoqian said: "You're really too heartless!"

Old Wang said: "Yeah, no one could get in contact with you at all!"

At the other end of the line, Da Hui laughed and said: "Are the bros all there? I was working in Beijing all this while but haven't been doing well, so I was too embarrassed to face you."

Zhang Ye asked: "Where are you working?"

"At a construction site."

Zhang Ye laughed and said: "You're moving bricks?"

Da Hui answered: "Bah, I would have to be able to move them first to do that. I'm a supervisor at the work site, so you can consider me a junior manager of sorts."

Yu Yingyi exclaimed: "Can the jump in your profession be any larger than this!"

Zhang Ye said: "Da Hui, get over here quickly! We're going to perform a group song at our alma mater's Welcoming Ceremony tomorrow. You're the cultural backbone of our class and we're just missing you!"

Da Hui replied: "Alright, I'll head over right away!"

Liu Tie shouted: "Hurry up, bastard! Everyone here misses you a lot!"

Da Hui sounded like he was suppressing his excitement. "Alright!"

Half an hour later, another classmate who had lost contact with them finally managed to get in touch again. "You guys are awesome! Too awesome! I saw the music video you guys shot! I was so fucking touched that I cried all over the place! Where are you guys? I miss all of you…What? There's going to be a performance?…Me? I'll go! Of course I'll go! Send me the address!"

They thought they would not see each other again after all this time. But many of their long-lost classmates reached out to each other again because of the "To Youth" music video. Zhang Ye and the others were all very excited!

Everyone was back!

Their old friends were all back!
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