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I am Really a Superstar Chapter 1123: The match begins!

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Chapter 1123: The match begins!

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The next day.

In the morning, a sea of people formed up outside China Qiyuan.

Several thousands of people had gathered around like they were out on a tour.

The entire street was blocked off and the traffic police department had to dispatch emergency manpower to carry out traffic control. Traffic on both sides of the road had to be rerouted to a different location.

"It's starting soon!"

"Damn, why are there so many people here?"

"This is crazy!"

"Of course, it's Zhang Ye who's going to battle against the machine!"

"It's the final battle of the war between humans and machines! Who wouldn't want to come and watch!"

"Even if we humans lose today, we still want to come and see it for ourselves!"

"Zhang Ye! You can do it!"

"Bring down that PeterGo!"

"I only ask that Teacher Zhang does not lose too badly!"

There were people all around, grouping into crowds and occupying the entire street!

Some of these people lived in the area and had come down to join in the bustle. There were also some people who traveled from afar with placards in their hands to show their support. There were all kinds of slogans written on them and some were especially funny.

—Cheering Face-smacking Zhang on!

—Teacher Zhang, don't mess this up!

—Teacher Zhang, don't get face smacked!

—Zhang Ye, are you sure you can do it?

There were also dozens of students from some school carrying a horizontal red satin banner that had the words "Warmly celebrating the arrival of Teacher Zhang Ye to the Go world!" written on it.

The reporters were also here!

Some of them had already headed into the building, while others were setting up their equipment outside.

A female reporter from the Beijing Television Sports Channel reported, "Hello, everyone, I'm currently at the main entrance of China Qiyuan. In front of us, we can see that the venue is filled with many of our citizens. In another hour at this place, we'll be bringing to everyone the war between humans and machines, where the world's most advanced artificial intelligence program will take on the world's smartest person in a century! Today will be coverage of the first game of Peter vs. Professor Zhang's match. As for who will emerge victorious, please stay tuned to the live broadcast brought to you by BTV-Sports Channel. Look forward to the coverage!"

The image onscreen cut back to the studio.

At the BTV-Sports Channel's live studio.

The male host said, "Alright, thanks for the report by our field reporter, Little He." He then turned to the person next to him and continued, "Teacher Li, what are your views on today's match?"

Li Nian, a famous Go commentator.

Li Nian said, "Today's game is going to be very difficult to play."

The male host said, "Yes, Peter has already displayed its extremely strong and advanced Go skills. After Xiang Rong 9-dan's defeat to it, no one else in the world dared to claim that they would be able to defeat it. However, much to our surprise, China Qiyuan has actually invited Professor Zhang to participate in this match under such circumstances."

Li Nian said, "Yes, I'm curious about that as well. Because up until now, no one has ever seen Zhang Ye play Go before. No one knows how good he is, so it's really impossible for me to estimate his chances of winning. We can only slowly analyze his play during the match itself. I believe that many of us, including me, would especially like to find out just how good Zhang Ye is as the smartest person in the world."

"Yes, how good Professor Zhang is is still a question mark."

At China Qiyuan.

In the spectator room.

Zhang Ye was meeting Xiang Rong 9-dan in person for the first time.

Zhang Ye shook hands with him. "Hello, Teacher Xiang."

Xiang Rong said, "Hello, Professor Zhang. Let me give you a simple talk about my understanding of Peter. First, it is really very intelligent, so don't see it as just a computer. I believe you know that better than me. I tried to test it out with a move when I played it and found that it does not respond like a normal AI would. Second, no matter how complex the board layout gets, it will not have much of an effect on it. So if you're going first, I wouldn't suggest that you pick a diagonal opening fight 1 against it. And then, you must also remember not to let the game drag out for too long. Finish it as quickly as you can, since playing for too long will affect your strength and stamina greatly. That would make you more error-prone but would not affect Peter at all as it does not get limited by those factors. That is also its most terrifying advantage."

Zhang Ye nodded. "I will remember that."

Dan Donghe also came up to him. "Professor Zhang, you must keep calm. Start the game calmly and get the first advantage!"

Zhang Ye said, "Alright, I'll try my best."

Wu Changhe came over at this time as well. "Your advantage is that the AI does not have your game data. It doesn't know what your style and standard of play are, so you can use that to your advantage and surprise it. It's almost starting, and you better not mess this up!"

Zhang Ye smiled and said, "I understand, Uncle."

A female professional Go player brought over a cup of hot tea. "Professor Zhang, please have something to drink."

"Ah, thank you." Zhang Ye took it from her.

Li Qinqin asked him in concern, "Have you had breakfast yet?"

"I've eaten already, Auntie," Zhang Ye said.

Li Qinqin said, "Today's game will surely be long. Do pay attention to your energy level."

Hu Liang 7-dan cheered, "You can do it!"

Xu Han 8-dan encouraged, "Professor Zhang, you can do it!"

Chen Ying 7-dan said, "We're depending on you! You must win this!"

Everyone was shouting their encouragements to him!

Zhang Ye said loudly, "Alright, I'm going then."

Everyone anxiously sent Zhang Ye off with their gazes as he walked out.

Before he left the room, he walked past Wu Changhe, only to hear him whisper, "If you lose, don't even think about stepping into my house! Hear that?!"

Zhang Ye was floored!


Do you have to be so ruthless?

With that, he also became nervous!

In the game room.

Everything was set and ready.

The American representative was already here. They were just waiting for the reporters from Central TV Sports Channel to leave the room.

When Zhang Ye's old classmate, Yu Yingyi saw him, she came up to him and greeted, "Professor Zhang, hello."

The camera also pointed at him!

Zhang Ye said, "Hello, Yingyi."

Yu Yingyi said slightly perturbed, "How confident are you today?"

Zhang Ye smiled and said, "I don't know, but I will do my best."

Yu Yingyi checked her watch and said, "I actually still have many questions for you, but I don't think we have the time for that anymore. I'll be in the commentary room waiting for your good news."

The live broadcast signal was cut.

Yu Yingyi put down her microphone and said with a bitter smile, "You're really here, huh? Did you really have to come just because China Qiyuan invited you? Why didn't I know before that you knew how to play Go?"

Zhang Ye was amused. "There's still a lot that you don't know about me."

Yu Yingyi said, "No matter what, please do well. Don't let the machines have a chance to look down on humanity!"

"Don't worry," Zhang Ye replied.

Yu Yingyi went off. She still had to partner with Chen Ying for the commentary portion of the coverage.

Zhang Ye slowly made his way to the players' seats and sat down on his side of the table.

Beside him, three staff members of the American team were doing their last checks on Peter. Soon, everything was ready, and the American representative nodded at them before taking the seat across from Zhang Ye. He would be representing Peter to "replicate" his moves.

The countdown began at three minutes.

The two international Go referees each went to confirm with Zhang Ye and the American representative if they were ready.

The American representative nodded his head.

Zhang Ye gestured with his hands to indicate that he was ready.


The live broadcast signal was being televised across the country!

Even some of Asia's broadcasters were simulcasting the coverage!

This match could really be hailed as one that gained worldwide attention!

The countdown timer:




The game began!

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